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    There’s many series on Netflix, series that very from romantic to comedy to action. some of the more popular series are Shameless, Prison Break, SVU, American Horror Story, and many more. One of the popular series on Netflix however many say is girly is One Tree Hill.

    One Tree Hill isn’t so much girly, yes there are some “manly” parts. The story line is a little confusing at first, but you can take away many things from watching this show. The main characters are Haley James Scott, Peyton Sawyer, Brooke Davis, Nathan Scott and Lucas Scott.

    There are many more characters , these 5 are just the main ones the story is based around all of them. This show is nice because it attracts different audiences. Some shows draw attention of teens, some other adults however both are drawn to this show.  The kids are in High School together, and still friends after. They go through many things such as breakups, drug abuse, athletics, pregnancies, and more. These are things that teens deal with now. Although it’s a show, their overcome of their obstacles could very well happen to anyone in their own story.

    I remember watching it, and my mom was in the room and she called me the next day and said she couldn’t stop. It takes a lot from a producer to draw you attention to the point where you’re watching it while doing everything. Many binge watch this show, you’re hooked you want to know more. When the series is over you do this weird thing I’m sure most can relate to. After finishing it you sort of predict their lives in your head. give them your own ending. Not that the show leaves you on a cliff hanger but some things you still do wonder. The show has a quote

    “You have One Tree Hill and its your home”

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