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Welcome to Lakewood Times Live, the official website of The Lakewood Times and The Cinema. The Times is  the official news magazine of Lakewood High School, Lakewood, Ohio, an inner ring suburb of Cleveland. This site was relaunched in September, 2010 after an 8-year hiatus.

The content of this site is the work of the Print and Digital Journalism and Creative Writing classes. Together they plan, research, and write all content. The Times produces a monthly print zine and podcast. While the content is different, the zine, podcast and website are meant to complement each other and serve the entire school community.

The opinions of the writers of editorials, columns and reviews do not necessarily represent the views of the staff, advisers or administration. Staff editorials, however, do represent the majority opinion of the  editorial board.

The adviser of The Lakewood Times Live is Cassidy Basinski. Ms. Basinski can be reached at [email protected]

About our policies:

As preservers of democracy, our schools shall protect, encourage, and enhance free speech and the exchange of ideas as a means of protecting our American way of life. The Lakewood Times Live staff are protected by, and bound to, the principles of the First Amendment and other protections and limitations afforded by the Constitution and the various court decisions implementing those principles.
It is the mission of The Lakewood Times, the official newspaper of Lakewood High School, to serve as a public forum that promotes the gathering and exchange of ideas, and upholds high journalistic standards for the purpose of enriching the lives of its readers.
The Times is established as an open forum for student expression and as a voice in the uninhibited, free and open discussion of issues. The Times will not be reviewed or restrained prior to publication. Content of the Times, therefore, reflections only the views of the student staff or individual students and not school officials.

Students may use online media to educate, inform, and entertain their readers. Both the school, and the cyber community, are entitled to the same protections, and are subject to the same freedoms and responsibilities, as all other student media outlined in this policy.

Online media are forums for self-expression and are similar to traditional media, in their freedoms, responsibilities, and professional obligations. As such they will not be subject to prior review or restraint. Student journalists may use online media to report news and information, to communicate with other students and individuals, to question and consult with experts, and to locate material, to meet their news gathering and research needs.

The Times, and staff, will strive to avoid publishing any material determined by student editors or the student editorial board to be unprotected, that is, material that is libelous, obscene, materially disruptive of the school process, an unwarranted invasion of privacy, a violation of copyright laws or electronic manipulations changing the essential truth of the photo or illustrations. Other obligations can be found in the handbook available to each student.

The Times adviser will not act as a censor. If questions arise over specific copy as defined within this policy, student journalists will seek the advice of the communications attorney from the Student Press Law Center.

The student editorial board as a whole will be responsible for determining editorial opinions, which represent the opinions of a majority of the editorial board. No single member of the Times can be held responsible for editorial content decisions. Lakewood Times Live is a tool in the learning process of journalism and operates as a learning laboratory. Any student may be a member of the staff, with or without prior journalism experience or enrollment on the staff for credit.

As a forum for student expression, the Times will publish all letters to the editor, provided they are 300 words or less and contain the author’s name, house, and address. On occasion, we will publish letters using the “name withheld” providing the Times editor, or a team editor, knows the author’s identity.
We reserve the right to withhold a letter or column and return it for more information if we determine it contains items of unprotected speech as defined by this policy. Letters will be edited for spelling and grammar. Should a letter contain errors in fact, excessive grammatical errors or be too long, it will be returned to the author for re submission. Deadlines for letters and columns will be no later than ten days before the next publication date.

The Times may choose to report student, staff, faculty, and alumnus deaths as the editorial board is made aware of them. We reserve the right to decide not to cover a death based on relevance, timeliness and circumstances. In cases where the editorial board decided not to cover death, letters to the editor in regard to that death could be printed.

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