Noor imtiaz

H20 is an abbreviation for “Help to others”. H2O connects Lakewood youth with volunteer opportunities to develop a strong desire to serve the community. Supported by a culture of kindness, you learn valuable skills while helping others. It is the best way to help and do community service.

Volunteering can be a richly rewarding experience. It teaches you a lot of thing and you get to know a lot of differences and needs in our society. You can learn skills, grow confidence, make friends, and gain knowledge about our community. Other than all it just feels so great and refreshing.

The secret to happiness is helping others. For centuries all the Greatest Thinkers have said the same thing,  that happiness is found in helping others. H2O is one of the those places where you can find happiness and satisfaction. It’s not just about the people it’s also about communication, making new friends, and so much more.

In this club you go different places every week or two each month. One of them was on 5th of September, we went to the Greater Cleveland Food Bank. It is a Food Bank where people donate a lot food which is distributed to all the poor and needy people.

We checked all the donation whether it was in a good packaging or not and is it safe for other people to eat them, then we put them in order and made boxes for the donations. It is really important what are you giving to others. You should even check it before donating although every single thing matters to poor and homeless people.

It was really informative and all the volunteers were so satisfied and happy. It was such a good feeling working with your friends and instructors. We gained a lot of experience and self-confidence.

” The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” – Mahatma Gandhi.