Music Marathon

Music Marathon

Megan Winters

Are you looking for a fun activity to support your local student musicians this Saturday? On November 2nd, all students from the String, Philharmonic, Camerata, Symphony, Chamber, and LHS’s rock orchestra: the Lakewood Project will gather together for 13 hours to practice for a performance at a later time.

However, these outstanding musicians will not be practicing the whole time. They will also be taking breaks to play some orchestra games and enjoy some delicious food.

To make this event even more fun, all performers will be wearing their pajamas! They get to rock the Civic in comfy clothes.

This event serves as the main fundraiser for the LHS orchestras and is one of the only ways for the orchestras to gain money for instrument maintenance and lessons. 100% of the donations go right back into the orchestra programs.

If you wish to donate by sponsoring a musician, there are various levels: Friend ($5-$24.99), Officer ($25-$49.99), 1st Chair ($50-$74.99), Concertmaster ($75-$99.99), Conductor ($100-$199.99), and Composer ($200 and up). Each orchestra student’s goal is to gain five sponsors.

Violinist Lilly Metzger shares her thoughts on this upcoming event.

“I’m really looking forward to all of the orchestra games that we get to play. I’m really excited to spend the whole day playing music, and I’m ready to have a blast with my friends.”

Violist Jordan “The Tree” Rossen, a member of the Camerata Orchestra, is looking forward to spending the day with her pals.

“I’m so pumped to practice and perform in my jammies! I get to make music and spend time with my friends all day. What could be better than that? Also, I love that all funds go right back into the program.”

Violist Lydia Kress is also looking forward to Saturday.

“Ever since I found out about Music Marathon as an amateur violist, I have been dying to participate. Don’t get me wrong: making music for people is already something I adore doing on its own. But in my jammies? Priceless.”

LHS orchestra students will rehearse their music from 6 am until 7 pm and will hold a concert in the Civic Auditorium at 8 pm. Consider attending to support your peers!