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  • Tuesday December 6, 2016
    There will be a Girls Rugby Parent Meeting next Tuesday, December 13th at 7:00pm in the Harding Cafetorium. In order t
  • Monday December 5, 2016
    There will be a Girls Rugby Parent Meeting December 13th at 7:00pm in the Harding Cafetorium. In order to participate
  • Friday December 2, 2016
    If you are interested in joining Lakewood’s History Day project groups, come to MOD 16 immediately after school today.
  • Thursday December 1, 2016
    Attention Seniors Jostens will be at LHS today during lunch periods in the cafeteria lobby. Please bring your graduation
  • Wednesday November 30, 2016
    Attention musicians! Audition packets for the Lakewood Jazz Band are now available in The Civic auditorium. We are looki
  • Tuesday November 29, 2016
    Attention all students and staff! Today is the day for the Second Annual Purple and Gold Lakewood High School Boys’


Featured Athlete

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    Andy Garcia
    Andy Garcia is a Lakewood High School junior athlete. I had the opportunity of asking this rising star some questions. Q
  • Image
    Jon Patrick
    With the 1,500+ students here at Lakewood High School, about half are athletes. Whether they participate in fall,winter
  • Image
    Featured Athlete: Kamar Alkhdour
    Winter sports are just around the corner and Kamar Alkhdour is very excited for gymnastics to start! Kamar and I discuss
  • Image
    Sophie Sanders
    The end of first quarter means the end of fall sports.  Sophomore Sophie Sanders is on the varsity cross country team.
  • Image
    Jing Feng
    Jing Feng is a 16 year old junior that participates in cross country where she just ran in Districts with the rest o
  • Image
    Featured Athlete: Amelia Richardson
    Amelia Richardson is a senior at Lakewood High. She is a middle hitter for the girls’ varsity volleyball team. Richard


Lakewood Life

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    Thanksgiving Delivery
    Saturday, November 19, Lakewood Charitable Assistance Corporation teamed up with volunteers from all over Lakewood to en
  • Image
    Holiday Shopping: Lakewood Style
    Have you been good this year? Now that Thanksgiving festivities have finally come to a close, it is officially time to s
  • Image
    Light Up Lakewood
    Every year on the first saturday of December, Lakewood puts together an event called Light Up Lakewood. One of the main
  • Image
    Keeping The Tradition Alive
    Saturday December 3rd marks the 10th anniversary of Light Up Lakewood. This amazing event is made possible by Lakewood
  • Image
    Lakewood has been my home for many years and this high school has been a second home since I was a Freshman. I have done
  • Image
    Buzz In Barrio
    Friday night and nothing to do? Make your way over to Barrio and join the unlimited buzz!    Whether it be late night



Person of the Week

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    Person of the Week: Courtney Ribar
    This week’s person of the week is Courtney Ribar. Courtney is a junior here at Lakewood High School. Courtney is a
  • Image
    Person of the Week: Mary Roufael
      This week’s person of the week is Junior, Mary Roufael, she is an outstanding student with a great grade p
  • Image
    Omar Ibrahim
    Q: What is your favorite part of senior year? A: “I like getting to have a really short day, and being able to go
  • Image
    Aaron Lorkowski
    Our person of the week for LHS is senior, Aaron Lorkowski. Q. What is your favorite part of senior year so far? A. ̶
  • Image
    Mrs. Lynn Patton
    Our person of the week is  Family & Consumer Science teacher, Mrs.  Lynn Patton. D.A. – What are three inte
  • Image
    Mr. Keith Ahearn
    The Lakewood Times likes to give special individuals  the “Person of the Week” award. These individuals are

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