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Staff Members

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    Ben Merriner
    Senior Ben Merriner is a second-year member of the Lakewood High School Cinema staff. He wishes to make this year’
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    Armoni McNeill
    Senior Armoni McNeill is a first-year member of the Lakewood High School Times staff. She hopes to make her senior year
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    Dylan Ferry
    Junior Dylan Ferry first-year member of Writing for Publication. He hopes to write some stories on sports this year. He
  • Image
    Evan Brown
    Junior Evan Brown is a first-year member of the Lakewood High school News Team. He hopes to make the site, and the yearb
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    Lucy McIntire
    Junior Lucy McIntire is a first-year member of the Lakewood High School Times staff. She hopes to gain experience in wri
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    Sylvie Ballou
    Sylvie is a first-year member of the Lakewood Times staff who is passionate about writing and considering a future caree


Person of the Week

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    Kristen Thompson
    Kristen Thompson is a math teacher at Lakewood High School. She has been teaching at Lakewood for 13 years. She teaches
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    Aidyn Zingale
    As the seniors’ final year at LHS comes to a close and COVID – 19  still lurks, I thought it may be a good
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    Mallory Lord
    This young woman right here is Mallory Lord. She is 17 and she is a senior at Rocky River High School in Rocky River, Oh
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    Reaghan Norton
    This young woman I am going to introduce to you right now is Reaghan Norton. She is 18 years old and is a senior at Bay
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    Student of the Week: Payton Rossen
    Through these difficult times, it is important to recognize those around us for the hard work they put in and their posi
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    Emma Carson
    Emma Carson is a Lakewood High School senior involved in orchestra, the Lakewood Project, National Honor Society, and th


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    A Win is a Win
    The Cleveland Browns faced off against the Houston Texans here in Cleveland for week 10 of NFL football.  One thing is
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    Winter Sports With COVID
    Winter sports has been on hold ever since March. Kids were not allowed to do any workouts with coaches, or even get in a
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    Browns Week 8
    Last weekend, the Cleveland Browns went up against a very intimidating Las Vegas Raiders team. The Raiders were coming i
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    Basketball is Back
    After being on hold for six months, basketball is finally back. The athletic director, Sean Jackson, had been pushing ba
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    Bounce Back Win for the Browns
    After a bad loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers last week, the Cleveland Browns bounced back to pull out a close game agains
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    2020 World Series: Tampa Bay vs. Los Angeles
    The World Series is finally here with the Tampa Bay Rays and Los Angeles Dodgers getting ready to finish out the year wi

Lakewood Life

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    Lakewood Truck Park
    Have you ever gotten bored of a food place’s menu? Well with the new food truck restaurant in Lakewood called Lake
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    Surveying Our Options
    There is finally hope for getting back into school for all students in Lakewood instead of having to sit in front of a c
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    The Annual LRMB Festival
    Last week we got a small glimpse into the LRMB’s season and how they are dealing with COVID. Like most bands around th
  • Image
    School coming back?
    Do you feel comfortable returning to school on October 19th? This year Lakewood High school students will have the optio
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    The LRMB Beats COVID
    It’s no surprise that COVID has effected every aspect of life, and extracurriculars are no exception. Recently, th
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    How Jobs Have Been Affected By Coronavirus in Lakewood?
    How is Coronavirus affecting jobs in Lakewood? At the beginning of the quarantine, all restaurants were shut down, and n


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    Xbox Series X and PS5 is already sold out
    Ever since the PS5 and Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S came out for preorder, they have been out of stock. People who ar
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    Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR
    This car made by Mercedes-Benz is actually based on the movie Avatar from 2009. The color scheme is the same as the glow
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    HTC Vice Cosmos Elite vs Valve Index
    The two most recent and most expensive VR headsets that came out are HTC’s new Vive Cosmos Elite, and the Valve In
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    PS4’s New Party System
    The first PlayStation was released on December 3rd, 1994. Ever since its release, it has been the most popular console.
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    The New iPhone 12
    Apple recently announced that they are releasing a new product: the iPhone 12. It will be coming out with four models: t
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    Facebook’s Oculus Quest 2
    Facebook has created a new virtual reality headset, called Oculus Quest 2. It is an improved version of the original Ocu

Arts & Entertainment

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    Lil Boosie & Mo3 shot in the same week?
    Recently we know King Von was murdered in ATL. Now it’s starting to seem as if all the rappers are dying. The medi
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    “Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War”
    “Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War” is the next Call of Duty game to come out in the Black Ops franchise. Peop
  • Image
    King Von shot and killed in ATL
    A 26-year-old Chicago rapper was shot and killed in front of a hookah bar in ATL on the 6th of November. King Von was on
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    Rap’s Restyling
    Music, especially rap, has immensely changed over time.  The style, the speed, the rhyme scheme. Rap has changed to adj
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    October Reads!
    There is nothing better than curling up with a cozy blanket, a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, and a good book to read!
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    Halloween Horror Movies
    Its that time of year —  hot chocolate, cozy pajamas, and scary movies. And lately more and more scary movies are

Featured Athlete

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    Franklin Limkermann
    Junior Franklin Limkermann is a great student here at Lakewood High School.  He is a two-sport athlete playing both foo
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    David Coleman
    Senior David Coleman of the Lakewood Varsity Cross Country Team has put his heart and soul into his time here at Lakewoo
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    Gavin Newlon
    With high school football season coming to an end, Junior Gavin Newlon is a varsity football starting cornerback for the
  • Image
    Grace Hoppel
    As the fall sports season comes to an end we have to recognize some of our stellar athletes here at Lakewood High School
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    Teeghan McGann
    Junior Teehgan McGann is a second-year varsity cross country runner here at Lakewood High School.  Teeghan is a three-s
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    Lucas Winters
    Junior Lucas Winters is the starting quarterback for the varsity football team here at Lakewood High School.  Lucas is

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