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Person of the Week

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    Alma Al Hamed
    The student of the week is Alma Al Hamed. Alma is currently a senior at Lakewood High School. Alma is an athlete and is
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    Alex Ehase
    Alex Ehase is a normal Lakewood High School freshmen. He is involved in orchestra and drama club. He aims to be very suc
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    Elizabeth Myers
    Elizabeth Myers is a junior at Lakewood High School, she is involved in many extra curricular activities while still bal
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    Lilly Metzger
    After being thrown into a new environment, Lilly Metzger is thriving as a freshman at Lakewood High School. In just four
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    Maddy McFarlin
    Maddy McFarlin is a senior at Lakewood High School.  She is involved in many activities and takes many classes that req
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    Jameelah Abdul- Haqq
    Jameelah Abdul-Haqq is a sophomore at Lakewood High school. She is very smart, athletic, and a very respectful and aweso


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    Phones While Driving are Gone
    Paying attention to the road while fighting the urge to send that message can be difficult. And that is why a significan
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    Navy Planks for Sit-ups
    In the Navy, it has long been custom for our physical screening tests to be push-ups, sit-ups, and running. The Navy fel
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    Sweetest Day
        Ahhhh Sweetest Day. A growing holiday that gives many something to just look forward to. One of the few da
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    Non-discriminatory Laws Proposed in Ohio
    The LGBTQ+ community has been oppressed for hundreds of years, and just recently (the past couple of decades) they have
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    Fall Arrived
    Lakewood has finally started to look like fall. The Lakewood Park trees, Metroparks trees, and trees on our Lakewood str
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    Young Climate Change Activist on the Rise: Greta Thunberg
    Emerged as the face of climate change activism, Greta Thunberg is using her voice to hold real accountability on the gov


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    Key Club is holding a Blood Drive
    Do you ever feel like you don’t do enough for your community? Do you hear about disasters all around the world and
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    German Club
    If you are looking to have some fun after school, German Club is where you should go. Over the past few weeks, club memb
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    Yoga club
    Too much pressure ? Too much tension ? Or need a nice and good sleep? A lot of stress because of studies and work? Or wa
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    Race and Diversity
    Want to learn more about race and diversity? Want to discover more about it? Want to know different races and cultures?
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    Lettuce Celebrate! Join and Enjoy at EOL
    Do you like to consume large quantities of delicious cuisine while hanging out with friends? But often find yourself in
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    H20 is an abbreviation for “Help to others”. H2O connects Lakewood youth with volunteer opportunities to dev


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    The Riverwood Cup
    It was a brisk cold Saturday night last weekend as the Lakewood Ranger Boys’ varsity soccer team traveled down the
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    Win Streak for the 49ers
    The San Francisco 49ers have won their fourth game in a row at home against the Cleveland Browns. Before they won agains
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    Abysmal Performance by the Browns
    “Certainly not what I was expecting,” says avid Browns fan and senior at Lakewood, Harlan Hoegner. The Brown
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    The End of a Great Effort
    On September 29th their season had come to an end. With a final record of 93-69 the Indians were not able to make the pl
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    The Rams Are Struggling
    The Los Angeles Rams have proved to be one of the best teams in the NFL right now. Yet somehow they lost against a team
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    Lakewood Girls Cross Country Conquering
    Fall sports that are bringing attention to homecoming and the whole school itself. As all sports succeed through their s

Lakewood Life


Arts & Entertainment

Featured Athlete

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    Alicia Smith
    Alicia Smith is a junior at Lakewood High school who is best known for her fantastic running skills and other athletic t
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    Lauren Barber
    Only a freshman playing as a varsity goalie, Lauren Barber is dominating in LHS Girls Soccer. She has made five shutouts
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    Meet Mohammed Alniserawiy
    Mohammed Alniserawiy is junior here at Lakewood High school. He has always been in the middle of what sport to play. Pla
  • Image
    The Uprising XC Star: Sadie Gregg
    The speed demon of a freshman, our own Sadie Gregg has been killing it on the girl’s varsity cross-country team. L
  • Image
    Aubree Nagel
          Aubree Nagel is a junior at Lakewood High School. She is quite the soccer player. Starting varsity
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    Sophia Miranda, Her Future Plans and Career so Far
    Sophia Miranda is a senior this year at Lakewood High School. She’s a member of the school’s swimming team.

Creative Corner


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    Music While Studying: Helping or Harming?
    So many students across the globe feel a need to listen to music to help with concentrating while studying, but is their
  • Image
    Open Lunch is a Must
    School lunches, let’s talk about them. They are mushy, greasy, and brown. Nothing but chemicals mixed together to
  • Image
    Why Even Learn About Poetry?
    Why is poetry even part of our curriculum? I have asked this question many times only to be told “We can’t f
  • Image
    Opinion on Standardized Testing
    It is that time of year when students are taking standardized tests again. All throughout high school we are told how im
  • Image
    Pros and Cons of Veganism
    One of the most basic health trends of the 21st century (and one of the most difficult) is veganism. It’s very obv
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    Later Start Times
    Its Monday morning and you hear the dreadful sound of your alarm. The last thing you want to do is go work hard in schoo

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