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Person of the Week

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    Anna Rigdon on the 2010s
    Anna Rigdon is a Lakewood High School senior involved in Rangerettes, Dance Group, National Honor Society and Casey̵
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    Alexandra Hodson
    Alexandra Hodson is a freshman at Lakewood High and already she is making phenomenal progress in her education. She is i
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    Gabriela Brizzi
    Meet this weeks featured athlete Gabriela Brizzi. Gabby is a scholar and athlete here at LHS. She is a part of the Theat
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    Grace Kraidich
    Grace Kraidich is a senior at Lakewood High School. An active participant in global mission work, a part-time employee a
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    Lilly Germaine
    Meet person of the week, Lilly Germaine. She is a junior here at Lakewood High School and participates in many activitie
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    Chris Brown
    Chris Brown is a senior at Lakewood High School. During the fall season, he is involved in football. He was asked the fo



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    Sawsar Abdi talks about her journey to Lakewood-History club
    LHS junior Sawsar Abdi talks about her journey to Lakewood. Sawsar, a refugee from Somalia to a camp in Ethiopia and the
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    All-new HOME ALONE program
    All the H20 staff and leaders are exited to launch its all-new HOME ALONE program. H20 Leaders designed HOME ALONE event
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    Barnstormers Update
    It is that time of year when the Barnstormers are preparing their next play. This is a club at Lakewood High School. The
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    LHS’ Film Club
    The Lakewood High School has a large selection of different clubs you can go to. Every year the school gets new clubs. S
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    Girls Leadership Group
    Girls’ Leader group is sponsored by Mrs. Eadeh  and meets every second Thursday. It is club in which all of the m
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    H2O in November
    H2O is a club at LHS that stands for Help To Others. It is a way that students from around Lakewood can get service hour


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    Inside the Swim Team
    Fall sports have officially come to an end which means it is now time for winter sports. Students of all grades here at
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    Eli Ladue
    After a long tournament, the Lakewood Rangers lost in the semi-finals by a coin toss deciding which team would go to fac
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    Browns’ Disappointing Season Continues
    This past Sunday, the Cleveland Browns took the field against their bitter rivals: the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Browns,
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    Lakewood Hockey Beats North Olmsted 2-1
    Lakewood hockey ended their preseason with a win over North Olmsted and a great way to see what is in store from the tea
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    The Myles Garrett Saga
    Last Thursday night, the Cleveland Browns suited up for a prime time matchup against division rivals the Pittsburgh Stee
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    Tumbling into the Gymnastics Season
    With fall drawing to a close and the winter season just beginning, gymnastics and other winter sports are starting up fo

Lakewood Life

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    Light Up Lakewood
    Light Up Lakewood is an event held by the city of Lakewood, located in Ohio. It is an event held by the city on the main
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    The holiday season is coming soon. Which means fall and winter break are coming soon too. There is still a lot of work t
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    Light up Lakewood
    As we know, Light Up Lakewood is one of the most joyous of Lakewood traditions and it’s back in Downtown Lakewood
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    Light Up Lakewood 2019
    Downtown Lakewood will come alive when Light Up Lakewood 2019 takes place on Saturday, December 7. Sponsored by First Fe
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    Music Marathon
    Are you looking for a fun activity to support your local student musicians this Saturday? On November 2nd, all students
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    Light Up Lakewood is Drawing Near
    Light Up Lakewood 2019 will be held on December 7th, a little over a month from now. This has been a tradition of Downto


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    The Return of the Flip Phone
    The year 2019 is coming to an end, we will be entering a new decade that will be filled with new technology and innovati
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    Marijuana Breathalyzer Coming Soon
    There is now a breathalyzer to detect if you have been using marijuana before driving. We have only known of a breathaly
  • New Airpods Pro
    The exciting new addition to Apple’s fancy style of high quality products are the Airpod Pro wireless headphones.
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    The Pixel 4, Google’s Latest and Greatest
    Google’s newest cellular device, the Pixel 4 comes with many features and options that have put Google at least 6
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    Virtual Haunted Houses
    When their sight and hearing are replaced with something that isn’t their own, some people may be uneasy from the
  • Image
    The Upcoming Xbox
    Xbox has been one of the most popular gaming systems in today’s society. The wait for the next best game to come o

Arts & Entertainment

Featured Athlete

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    The Softball Sensation: Jordan Rossen
    Freshman Jordan “The Tree” Rossen just finished her first season at LHS on the JV volleyball team as a start
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    Riley Ulintz
    Riley Ulintz is a sophomore here at Lakewood High School. Basketball has always been his favorite thing to do ever since
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    Alex Blinky
    With hockey season right around the corner, I caught up with junior Alex Blinky to talk about how this season is going a
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    Maddy Cummings
    Maddy Cummings is a junior at Lakewood high school and is currently in the swimming team, she has been swimming for eigh
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    Alicia Smith
    Alicia Smith is a junior at Lakewood High school who is best known for her fantastic running skills and other athletic t
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    Lauren Barber
    Only a freshman playing as a varsity goalie, Lauren Barber is dominating in LHS Girls Soccer. She has made five shutouts

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