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Person of the Week

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    Lilly Metzger
    After being thrown into a new environment, Lilly Metzger is thriving as a freshman at Lakewood High School. In just four
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    Maddy McFarlin
    Maddy McFarlin is a senior at Lakewood High School.  She is involved in many activities and takes many classes that req
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    Jameelah Abdul- Haqq
    Jameelah Abdul-Haqq is a sophomore at Lakewood High school. She is very smart, athletic, and a very respectful and aweso
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    Tyler Zidick
    The student of the week is Tyler Zidick. He is a freshman at Lakewood High School. I asked Tyler some questions about th
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    Logan Mitchell
    Logan Mitchell. What other way is there to describe Logan Mitchell than athletic, smart, and just an all-around awesome
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    Person Of The Week
    Nina Bowers is currently a sophomore at Lakewood High School. In her earlier years, Nina grew up in Cleveland. As she go



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    Lettuce Celebrate! Join and Enjoy at EOL
    Do you like to consume large quantities of delicious cuisine while hanging out with friends? But often find yourself in
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    H20 is an abbreviation for “Help to others”. H2O connects Lakewood youth with volunteer opportunities to dev
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    Mamma Mia!
    Mamma Mia the movie was filmed in 2008. They would consider this film a jukebox musical romantic comedy. The plot of thi
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    Eaters of Lakewood
    On April 24th, Eaters of Lakewood gathered at Yuzu, an Izakaya inspired bar at 13603 Madison Ave. The menu at Yuzu consi
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    Breakfast with the Bunny
    In the spirit of Easter, Lakewood High School’s H2O club is hosting Breakfast with the Bunny. H2O is a club where
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    Travel Club- Ireland
    Lakewood high students have a great club to join called, travel club. This year, 2019, they went on a trip to Ireland. T


Lakewood Life


Arts & Entertainment

Featured Athlete

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    Aubree Nagel
          Aubree Nagel is a junior at Lakewood High School. She is quite the soccer player. Starting varsity
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    Sophia Miranda, Her Future Plans and Career so Far
    Sophia Miranda is a senior this year at Lakewood High School. She’s a member of the school’s swimming team.
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    Miabella Doerr
    Miabella Doerr is a senior at Lakewood High School. During the fall she loves to play tennis and is part of the team at
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    Charles Hericks
    I caught up with golfer and team captain Charles Hericks as golf season is now in full swing at Lakewood High. Q: How ha
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    Chris Brown and His Future
    Christopher Brown is a junior basketball player for Lakewood High School. He plays on the varsity team and overall achie
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    Sophia Miranda
    Sophia Miranda is a junior at Lakewood High School this year, and has been a member of the school’s swim team for the

Creative Corner


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    Is Homework A Necessity?
    Having time to keep up with what’s going on currently while remaining diligent can be hard for some people. Accord
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    18 Years Since 9/11
    September 11, 2001 a tragedy struck across the United States.  Almost 3,000 people were killed from terrorist attacks.
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    How to have a fulfilling stress free day.
    No, I’m not writing this article to give you a spiel about doing what makes you happy, and it’s not some pos
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    Elite in America
    In America money and power rule over everything. The top .1% live in isolation from the rest of the world yet are able t
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    Balancing Work and School
    In a world where everything is getting more expensive, it is no surprise that people are entering the workforce at a you
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    Should we start using electric cars?
    Global warming endangers our health, jeopardizes our national security, and threatens other basic human needs. Some impa

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