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Summer, it’s a six letter word that comes around every year. A season that lasts three months; June, July, and August. It is the time where everyone wears shorts, tank tops, sandals, goes to the beach. In my opinion, I love the summer. Even though the sun is beaming down on me and I’m really hot, school is over. I get to enjoy lots of time with my friends and family, not worrying about getting the latest assignment done. The feeling of the air conditioner puts me at ease with the blazing sun and 90 degree weather, knowing I’m out of school and I get to relax.

Summer begins for me right when school ends, and I love the feeling of ending my finals and not studying anymore. With summer, there are no worries, the time is just all about what I get to do and what I want. Summer is the best season to me out of the four of them. I love going to the beach, feeling the sand and cool water on me. I also love eating BBQ and to me it is better during the summer than any other time. Another one of my favorite things about summer is eating popsicles and ice cream. I like how they taste and keep me cool during the warm weather. It seems to me a better time to have those kinds of desserts. Summer is my favorite season of them all, as it is my time to relax and enjoy a time with my friends and family.