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Lakewood Life

Light Up Lakewood

It is the most wonderful time of the year… it is Christmas time. In Lakewood we always know it is Christmas time because of all of the snow and the cold weather. It is a city-wide celebration. This celebration is Light Up Lakewood and everyone in the city gets together and celebrates. The main celebration is in Downtown Lakewood along Detroit. The celebration is always on the first Saturday in December and luckily this year it is on the 1st. It is a little early but it is a nice way to start of the holiday month.

Light Up Lakewood is a great activity for young children on a nice chilly Saturday night, just make sure that you are all bundled up because you will get cold fast. There are so many activities to do and watch while there. You can get some nice warm hot chocolate and walk the streets listening to christmas music. You can watch the cool man making an ice sculpture, hopefully you can catch Santa or the Grinch walking Lakewood streets and go shopping a little in some small stores along the street.

Light Up Lakewood is a perfect place to socialize and connect with each other in our city. “I love going down with my friends and it is such a nice time to be with the community,” said Tara Kantura.” We all come together as one and can have fun with each other, hopefully with no problems. We all can laugh and listen to the children caroling together and be as one for once. We will all be at peace together.