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Bulletproof Curtain: Protecting students lives

March 16, 2018 5:00pm | Nina Zanghi

The most recent mass shooting, at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, has caused a public outcry from students, parents, teachers, citizens alike about the safety of people in school. Many people are urging for gun control, while others are pushing for more consideration […]

Lakewood High School German Trip

March 16, 2018 4:59pm | Jason Morgenstern

For a small group of students here at Lakewood High, this years spring break will be a special time. Leaving on Friday March 30th, students will embark on a 10 day tour of Germany. The tour starts in Munich, the capital of Bavaria. Munich where […]

Who Will The Browns Take at #1

March 16, 2018 4:59pm | Jason Morgenstern

With the NFL draft approaching, the Cleveland Browns have a tough decision to make– which player should go #1? The Browns, who own the first overall pick as a result of their 0-16 season, have many options at #1. Lets start with the quarterbacks. For […]

Kali Uchis and Tyler, The Creator Perform ‘After The Storm’ on Jimmy Fallon

March 16, 2018 4:56pm | Madyson Layelle Al-Aseili

Columbian singer and songwriter, Kali Uchis, made her television debut on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon‘ Wednesday night, March 14th, performing her hit song “After The Storm’ ft. Tyler, The Creator, a popular rapper and record producer. Many say that the beat to the […]

In the Aftermath of Hurricane Maria

March 16, 2018 2:10pm | Jared Dubber

Puerto Rico, a little territory of the United States off the coast of Florida, was hit with Hurricane Maria on September 20th, 2017. With howling winds up to 150 mph, Maria left the island destroyed, before going into the Atlantic and becoming a distant memory […]

Bridge Collapses at Florida College

March 16, 2018 2:10pm | Halina Dreger

On the afternoon of March 15, a bridge in Miami, Florida collapsed upon eight cars below, killing at least six people and injuring a handful as well, reports the Washington Post. This news comes less than a week after the bridge was completed on March […]

Train to Win: Olympic Diet and Lifestyle

March 16, 2018 2:08pm | Max Boland

While the majority of the population sees Olympians as superhumans (which they kind of are), the fitness they possess is not just built in the gym but in the kitchen. More importantly than working out is what you eat, and all Olympians know this. Madison […]

Helicopter went down in NYC

March 16, 2018 2:08pm | Chloe Soneson

On Monday March 12th, 2018 a helicopter went down with 5 passengers went for a ride to take photographs from above the city. They had spent the weekend sight-seeing, and on Sunday evening boarded the helicopter to capture pictures from above. These five friends have […]

Pacific Fertility and University Hospital Under Fire

March 16, 2018 2:07pm | Sam Stone

Egg freezing is presented as an alternative for women as they wish to undo time be it for medical reasons (such as wanting viable eggs after chemotherapy) or personal ones (wanting eggs that are bound to take easily from one’s early twenties to make fertilization […]

LHS March 14th Walkout in a Snap

March 16, 2018 1:06pm | Sam Stone


Stephen Hawking Dies at Age 76

March 16, 2018 11:46am | Halina Dreger

On March 14, scientist Stephen Hawking died at the age of 76, according to CNN. The theoretical physicist was one of the greatest to ever grace the earth, as many in the science community have remarked. He has contributed to ideas centered black holes and […]

Expirencing the “Walk Out”

March 15, 2018 2:03pm | Madyson Lewellyn

March 14th marks a memorable day in history–just one month after the school shooting massacre in Parkland, Florida. Student across the country rally beside each other to commemorate the 17 fallen lives at Stoneman Douglas High School and cultivate gun violence awareness. The walkout unfolds amid […]

Woman Who Gouged Her Eyes Out

March 15, 2018 2:01pm | Madyson Lewellyn

Kaylee Muthart was found gouging her own eyes with her hands outside of a church in Anderson, South Carolina, on February 6th. The 20-year-old fought off help from locals while in a meth-induced psychotic state. It eventually took a team of deputies to restrain Muthart […]

Rex Tillerson Fired as Secretary of State

March 15, 2018 1:08pm | Joe Burtzlaff

On Tuesday, March 13, President Trump announced that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had been fired from the position. In addition, Trump announced that he would nominate his current CIA Director Mike Pompeo to be the next Secretary of State. Trump also announced that he […]

Tuesday March 13, 2018

March 13, 2018 2:11pm | Staff

Tomorrow’s demonstration will be held in the Stadium, so be prepared with warm clothes as we will be outside for half an hour. This is a wonderful opportunity to come together as a high school community, around something impactful to all of us. It is […]

Oil Drilling

March 11, 2018 6:33pm | Lalia Williams

Oil drilling is another way that people like to ruin natural landscapes to get money. But while to many people, drilling may seem like a vague concept that seems somewhat ominous, there are so many more ways that it is harmful that anyone would originally […]

Dick’s and Walmart Implement Tighter Gun/Rifle Sale Regulations In-Store

March 9, 2018 7:49pm | Sam Stone

In a capitalistic society, there have been moments where private companies make action that government will not. These can be actions that are done in hopes to modify society. That could be wages above state minimum, bathroom policy or guns—yes, guns.   Dick’s Sporting Goods […]

Trump Implemented Steel Tariff. What Does That Mean?

March 9, 2018 7:34pm | Sam Stone

President Donald Trump imposed a tariff on steel and aluminum on March 8th. It taxes aluminum from foreign trade 10% and steel 25% in, to quote Trump “in a very loving way.” Now some workers will be overjoyed. The idea of the foreign market being […]

New York: Planned kill on Neighbor

March 9, 2018 2:16pm | Chloe Soneson

Former bus driver Joel Rosquette was angry as his neighbors in New York. He claimed the people across the hall were selling drugs, partying all the time, and rented out rooms to outsiders. Other neighbor have complained to the superintendent but Joel said he’d not […]

Model UN

March 9, 2018 2:16pm | Max Boland

Model United Nations is a two day conference, sometimes more than once a year, where students stand as delegates and argue one of two topics given in advance. Students then have to write position papers to be entered into the conference and argue their country’s […]

Canadian Doctors Protest Because They’re Paid Too Much

March 9, 2018 2:15pm | Halina Dreger

According to CNN, hundreds of doctors from Quebec are signing a petition in response to their pay raises, which add up to $700 million. These doctors- over 500 professionals and 150 medical students, reports CNBC- believe that the money should be given to others in […]

Florida’s New Gun Bill

March 9, 2018 2:15pm | Halina Dreger

On Wednesday, March 7, Florida lawmakers passed a new gun control bill, according to the New York Times. Although it does not include all restrictions that activists have been vying for, it will be the first of such laws passed by the state in 20 […]

Trump Aid Refuses Mueller’s Subpoena

March 8, 2018 3:04pm | Lalia Williams

The former Trump campaign advisor, Sam Nunberg, has refused to comply in the ongoing investigation of Trump’s relations with Russia. Nunberg was fired in 2015 after his racist Facebook posts were discovered. At the time, this was not big news. But his gradual unravelling on […]

North Korea Willing to Talk to U.S. About Nukes

March 8, 2018 1:56pm | Joe Burtzlaff

In a stunning turn of events and fortune, North Korea would be willing to talk the U.S. about giving up their nuclear weapons and programs. North Korean officials said this on Tuesday, March 6, while in meetings with South Korean officials. That meeting took place […]

Local Thrift Store to Hold Prom Event

March 2, 2018 3:36pm | Halina Dreger

Shop small, local, and affordable for all of your prom needs! Common Threads, a thrift store in Fairview Park on Lorain Road, is holding a prom event from March 15 until April 16. The shop will have the event throughout its regular hours, between 10 […]

1-14 women continue smoking during pregnancies

March 1, 2018 2:49pm | Chloe Soneson

In 2016, about one and 14 women continued to smoking cigarettes during pregnancies, according to a report released Wednesday. Researchers gathered information by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics released that 7.2% of all expectant mothers smoked. Each state percentages […]

Stoneman Douglas Students Return to Class

March 1, 2018 1:49pm | Madyson Lewellyn

On the morning of February 28th, Brooke Harrison was in a deep sleep when her mother knocked on her door and hugged her awake at 6:45am. “You need to get up,” she told her daughter. “You don’t want to be late for school today.” It […]

Lewinsky Rethinks Consent in Clinton Affair in Lieu of #MeToo Movement

February 28, 2018 2:51pm | Jared Dubber

While all high schoolers will not remember a time before scandals were revealed on the weekly in the era of a Trump presidency, the 90’s were a less political corrupt time (or at least what we know). Just after America winning the first Gulf War […]

Warning signs almost everyone missed

February 28, 2018 2:50pm | Chloe Soneson

After mass shootings typically the shooters family asks questions. Could we have stopped this? What signs did we miss? Where could we have stepped in? Many red flags people missed leading 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz leaving that community to grieve and a nation to wonder if […]

Delta Ditches NRA

February 27, 2018 2:35pm | Max Boland

Delta Airlines, primarily based out of Atlanta, Georgia, has officially cut ties with the National Rifle Association. Republican lawmakers have threatened to cut a $50 million tax exemption on jet fuel, which Delta is the primary beneficiary of. Conservatives have very openly threatened Delta Airlines […]

Sexual Abuse Outbreak in Pakistan

February 23, 2018 3:59pm | Madyson Lewellyn

An anti terrorism court has sentences a 24-year-old man to death for the rape and murder of a 7-year-old girl. Since, the case has sparked a nationwide outrage  and put a spotlight on child abuse in the country. The killer, Imran Ali, was also sentenced […]

Canada Has Ey Serial Killer

February 23, 2018 3:59pm | Max Boland

On January 16, 2018, 66-year old Bruce McArthur was arrested for the first degree murder of five men, and is considered a serial killer by Toronto police. Although being charged with the deaths of five men, remains of at least six were found in planters […]

LHS Annual Dance Group Show

February 23, 2018 3:58pm | Halina Dreger

The Lakewood High Dance Group will be performing in their annual show this weekend in the Civic Auditorium! There are two events: One on Friday, February 22, and one on Saturday, February 23, both beginning at 7:30. The show lasts for a little over an […]

March for Our Lives

February 23, 2018 3:57pm | Halina Dreger

Students and citizens of the United States have had enough! A “March for Our Lives” is scheduled for March 24 in Washington D.C. and across the world in order to honor the lives lost in the Florida shooting and to protest gun violence, according to […]

Midterm Elections

February 23, 2018 2:12pm | Lalia Williams

As (almost) everyone in the U.S. knows, a president traditionally is elected for four years. And unless the president is impeached (which is fairly difficult to do), these years are dark ones for the people who did not vote for them. This is especially true […]

Behind Lakewood March

February 23, 2018 1:54pm | Sam Stone

The Parkland School shooting marks one of the first shootings where the survivors, a group of students, to be so outspoken. There exists rage and a sense of “it’s only us for us” among students nationally as lawmakers say there is “nothing to be done.” […]

You Did It Wrong

February 22, 2018 3:12pm | Max Boland

Yesterday, about 75 students at Lakewood High School stood on the campus lawn to protest school shootings and advocate for gun control. At the same time, Westlake High School did theirs in an opposite and correct fashion. The February 21st protest at Lakewood High School […]

Thursday February 22, 2018

February 22, 2018 3:05pm | Staff

Attention Seniors, if you are interested in representing your class and speaking at commencement, sign up in the bookroom or outside room C215. Tryouts will take place on March 20th, at 3:15pm in room C215. If you have questions, see Mr. Lamphear in C215.   […]

National Anthem Rendition Gone (Terribly) Wrong

February 22, 2018 1:53pm | Madyson Lewellyn

Fergie was left asking, “where is the love?” after her performance of the National Anthem at the 2018 NBA All Star game on February 19th. Unfortunately for the ex-Black Eyed Peas singer, her rendition left many scratching their heads. The singer put her own flair on […]

Could the Florida Massacre Have Been Stopped?

February 17, 2018 12:43am | Halina Dreger

Is it possible that Wednesday’s school shooting in Florida could have been prevented? And not just through stricter gun policies. Of course, none of the victims are to blame, but the perpetrator, Nikolas Cruz, did show some warning signs that we should all look out […]

Borneo’s Orangutan Population Declining

February 17, 2018 12:43am | Halina Dreger

Over the past few decades, the population of a number of species has been on the decline, including that of Borneo’s orangutans. According to CNN, there are less than half of these apes on the island than there were 16 years ago. A Current Biology […]

Texas Massacre

February 15, 2018 2:56pm | Max Boland

A formerly expelled Parkland, Florida student opened fire at his old high school, killing seventeen and injuring countless others–on ash Wednesday. 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz was charged with seventeen counts of premeditated murder. Cruz pulled the fire alarm, unaware that the school had done a fire […]

Two Officers Killed After 911 Hang Up

February 15, 2018 2:21pm | Chloe Soneson

On February 10th, two police officers in Westerville were killed while responding to a potential domestic violence call. Westerville Police Officer Eric Joering, 39, and Anthony Morell, 54, were shot while they entered an apartment in Westerville, Division of Police Chief Joe Morbitzer said. Westerville […]

School Shooting Massacre Strikes Florida

February 15, 2018 1:51pm | Madyson Lewellyn

Horror has struck once again…this time in Parkland, Florida–marking the 15th school shooting of 2018. A 19 year old gun man opened fire on Wednesday, February 14th at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School–killing 17 people before being arrested by police. The gunman has been identified […]

Diversity in the 2018 Olympics

February 15, 2018 1:46pm | Jared Dubber

The 2018 Winter Olympics has begun—a rare time in today’s society where all countries around the world ignore conflicts to join together in a time of peace and sportsmanship, and Team USA is bigger and more diverse than ever. 242 athlete are hailing from the […]

Chinese Stealth Fighter Jets Are Now Combat Ready

February 14, 2018 1:54pm | Joe Burtzlaff

This past week, China announced that its new stealth fighter jet is now combat ready, a major step forward for the Chinese military. A post on the website of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) said that the J-20, a fourth-generation stealth fighter, has been commissioned […]

Why You’re Always Chasing Players

February 9, 2018 2:30pm | Madyson Lewellyn

Have you ever wondered why you can never been drawn to a nice, stable partner that treats you well and makes you feel special? You seek an emotionally stable guy but somehow end up in the arms of a player. We have all been there. […]

US to Hold Military Parade

February 9, 2018 1:56pm | Halina Dreger

For the first time in 30 years, the United States plans to hold a military parade, according to the New York Times. The idea is the brainchild of none other than President Donald Trump. Trump wished for a similar demonstration of American force at his […]

California Coffee may come with cancer warnings

February 9, 2018 1:56pm | Chloe Soneson

Coffee shops in California might be forced to warn customers about a possible cancer risk linked with their morning espresso. The state keeps a list of cancer causing chemicals, and one of them, acrylamide is created when coffee beans are made. In 2010 there was […]

Amtrak Train Crash

February 9, 2018 1:55pm | Lalia Williams

Early this Sunday morning, an Amtrak train crashed into a stationary freight train at 50 miles per hour. The other train was unoccupied at the time, and was pushed back 15 feet before the crash came to a halt. Two of the train workers were […]