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United States getting hit by Winter Storm

February 25, 2021 1:43pm | Dylan Ferry

Throughout the past week, winter storms have been sweeping through almost all of America, including southern states such as Texas, Mississippi, Louisana, Oklahoma, Kansas, and many more. In obscure fashion, the temperature has dropped to the lowest that we have ever seen in centuries, such […]

Oldest DNA Sequence Reveals New Species of Mammoth

February 25, 2021 1:40pm | Evan Brown

On February 17th, a tooth from a mammoth that roamed the Siberian steppe over a million years ago was found. For the first time in history, a DNA sequence dating over a million years has been discovered. This beats the previous record by far, which […]

10 People Rescued by Coast Guard After Ice Breaks off Edgewater Park

February 25, 2021 1:39pm | Lucy McIntire

On Sunday, February 21st, it was reported that 10 people had become stranded off Edgewater Park in Cleveland after walking on ice that broke from the shore. The Coast Guard and Cleveland emergency personnel had to be called in for the rescue. While the shores […]

Amazon App Mentor is Being Used to Track Delivery Drivers

February 19, 2021 2:18pm | Jacob Goings

Around the 5th of February, Amazon confirmed that they are going to be installing AI-enabled cameras in the vans used by delivery drivers, which triggered privacy concerns. But Amazon has already been tracking their delivery drivers and their behavior. Amazon requires their delivery drivers to […]

Rush Limbaugh’s Terrible Legacy

February 19, 2021 2:03pm | Mason Orlando

This week, radio giant Rush Limbaugh died after a lengthy battle with lung cancer. Rush Limbaugh is not as large of a figure as he once was and now he’s more of a mystery to the younger generations. In the 1980’s and 90’s, Limbaugh was […]

Rush Limbaugh Dies Of Lung Cancer At Age 70

February 18, 2021 1:42pm | Sylvie Ballou

Talk show host Rush Limbaugh died this week due to lung cancer. Although his political alignment wouldn’t be stated right next to his name in an article honoring his death if he were not aligned with the majority of news sources, most articles honoring his […]

Flu Cases Are at An All-Time Low

February 17, 2021 1:40pm | Evan Brown

As the third week of February comes around the corner, flu cases would normally be thriving, but this year has an abnormally low amount of cases. Usually, at this time of year the flu map would be covered in red, meaning a high rate of […]

Money Talks

February 11, 2021 3:50pm | Mason Orlando

As the Biden administration continues to scrub the stains out of left by Trump on Capitol Hill, a new debate has been sparked among the country’s leaders. For many years now, people of a younger generation have called for a minimum wage increase as the […]

Trump’s Second Impeachment trial

February 8, 2021 12:59pm | Dylan Ferry

Former President Donald Trump is in hot water after being impeached by the U.S House for a historic second time on January 13, 2021. This would not be Donald Trump’s first trial of an impeachment, though; his first involvement was for his interference with the […]

Are We Draining The Swamp?

February 5, 2021 2:04pm | Mason

This week, another conspiracy-pushing bureaucrat bit the dust. Majorie Taylor Greene, or MTG as she’s referred to, was voted off her committee assignments on Thursday, February 5th. In a house vote of 230 – 199, MTG was effectively removed from her assignments due to past […]

Groundhog Day: A History

February 4, 2021 1:44pm | Sylvie Ballou

Every year on February 2nd, Phil emerges from his house in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. If he sees his shadow, six more weeks of winter are to be expected, and if he doesn’t see his shadow, then we can count on an early spring. This Groundhog Day, […]

Millions of Cicadas are Scheduled to Emerge in Parts of Ohio this year

February 3, 2021 1:37pm | Lucy McIntire

After 17 years, millions of cicadas are expected to emerge from underground this year across the Eastern United States and parts of southern Ohio, including Cincinnati and Dayton. They will surface in mid-May and June for the first time since 2004. There are several types […]

Dog Saved From Fire

February 3, 2021 1:30pm | Ayden Wacker

On January 28th, a couple named Jonathan and Kathy saved their dog from their own house fire in Cleveland. The couple was out running errands when suddenly, they got a notification from Alexa that the smoke alarms were going off and that there was smoke […]

GameStop Stock Market

February 1, 2021 8:11pm | Dylan Ferry

GameStop looked like it was going to go out of business when its stock suddenly skyrocketed to $483 on January 2021. GameStop is one of the few retailers for video games that is still in business because of everything moving online as a result of […]

Johnson and Johnson’s COVID-19 Vaccine

February 1, 2021 1:56pm | Evan Brown

On top of the two COVID-19 vaccines that we already have, Johnson and Johnson is at work on a new vaccine that could be authorized in the near future. Their vaccine was proven to be 66% accurate at preventing moderate to severe disease. The vaccine […]

Sharks are Already Endangered, and it’s Only Getting Worse

January 28, 2021 1:39pm | Lucy McIntire

Despite their fearful features, sharks are highly endangered animals. In fact, some of the most vulnerable species are the great white and the whale shark. A new study by the British journal, Nature, states that shark populations have declined by a shocking 71% since 1970. […]

Dangerous Roads Coming!

January 28, 2021 1:31pm | Ayden Wacker

As we all know, icy roads and plenty of drivers do not mix very well because of the lack of traction. When we look ahead, this dangerous mixture is all that is in sight. A low pressure system is moving out of Oklahoma and into […]

Forcible Cremation Of Muslim COVID-19 Victims In Sri Lanka

January 27, 2021 1:45pm | Sylvie Ballou

According to Sri Lankan policy, when someone dies of COVID-19 they are to be cremated; however this thwarts the Muslims’ (a minority in Sri Lanka) burial traditions. The government of Sri Lanka declared that the customs of Muslim burial pose as a public health risk […]

Former President Trump Does Not Attend Inauguration

January 25, 2021 1:01pm | Evan Brown

On January 8th, former President Trump announced that he would not be attending President Joe Biden’s inauguration. Even former Vice President Mike Pence attended the ceremony, which is just another example of the former President defying citizens’ expectations. Trump’s absence will be the fourth in […]

A New Chapter

January 22, 2021 2:02pm | Mason Orlando

After a long  four years of President Donald Trump sitting in office, the nation gave President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris a warm welcome this Wednesday, January 20th. Among the patrons of the inauguration were former Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and […]

COVID Vaccines Have Mainly Been Distributed to High Income Countries, Leaving Low Income Countries Behind

January 22, 2021 1:30pm | Lucy McIntire

The World Health Organization has reported that just 25 vaccines have been administered in low-income countries. There is only a limited supply of vaccines available, and wealthier countries continue to buy the majority of the vaccines, having already vaccinated 39 million people. There are several […]

Allergic Reactions Reported After Doses Of Moderna Vaccine

January 21, 2021 1:57pm | Sylvie Ballou

As California was beginning the process of distributing the vaccine to the essential workforce, some receivers had severe reactions to a specific batch (Lot O41L20A) of the Moderna vaccine. These doses were distributed at a mass drive-through distribution center at Petco Park in San Diego, […]

Over 20,000 Troops Are Stationed In Washington D.C.

January 19, 2021 12:58pm | Evan Brown

Washington D.C. has taken unprecedented steps for President-Elect Joe Biden to take office on the 20th of January. Around 15,000 troops were dispatched after the riots that took place, which is more than two times the number of soldiers deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq combined. […]

Trump’s Impact On The American Psyche

January 15, 2021 5:01pm | Sylvie Ballou

Everyone has faced a psychological impact from the Presidency of Donald Trump, and the main factor that determines who gained what really depends on how a person is aligned with Trump’s policies. The “Scientific American” claims that Trump supporters found strength in Trump, while “The […]

Incoherent Insurrection

January 15, 2021 2:19pm | Mason Orlando

On January 6th, 2021, the US Capitol Building was violently attacked. What is now being called an act of domestic terrorism has the FBI tracking down some of the main culprits of the infamous attack. Let’s take a look at the initial attack and the […]

Oil Companies are Scrambling to Get Permits Before Biden’s Inauguration

January 13, 2021 1:31pm | Lucy McIntire

As the end of Trump’s presidency grows closer, with about a week until Biden is inaugurated, oil companies are scrambling. President-elect Biden’s plan for tackling climate change includes cutting oil drilling, and in response, many oil companies are stockpiling permits to continue to drill in […]

Round Two of the Stimulus

January 8, 2021 6:05pm | Mason Orlando

It’s time for round two of the stimulus checks to roll out! This latest round has been receiving controversy from both sides, Republican and Democrat. Why, you may ask? It’s because instead of $1,200 this time, it’s a measly $600.  The bill in question rings […]

How The Sunrise Movement is Helping Direct Biden’s Climate Policy

January 8, 2021 2:23pm | Madeline Cummings

As we get closer to the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden,  we anxiously await to see his final line-up for the presidential cabinets and staff. But that’s not the only thing we are counting down for… the race to beat climate change is getting close […]

Rioters Are Being Dealt With By Employers

January 8, 2021 2:00pm | Evan Brown

After the chaos that unfolded Wednesday, January 6th, many rioters whose photos were shared over social media and were televised on the news are being identified by their employers are swiftly being fired. Navistar, a direct marketing company in Maryland, announced that an employee had […]

Administration of the COVID-19 Vaccines is Going at a Much Slower Pace than Projected

January 6, 2021 2:19pm | Lucy McIntire

Vaccines for COVID-19 have finally been developed and approved since the outbreak was officially declared a pandemic in March. The plan for distribution was to roll out vaccines as quickly as possible, prioritizing healthcare workers and those at a greater risk. The goal set by […]

The New Minimum Wage

January 6, 2021 2:13pm | Ayden Wacker

Ohio has recently announced that they will be raising their minimum wage earnings by 10 cents per hour. This new minimum wage will be for non-tipped workers of Ohio. The tipped workers will still be earning their wage of $4.35 per hour. And as for […]

Congress and Money and Working Americans

December 16, 2020 2:58pm | Mason Orlando

With the eternal flame that is covid still burning, it seems like there is no end in sight. And many people and small businesses still feel hung out to dry after the marginal $1,200 stimulus checks made their way out months ago. As of Tuesday, […]

Ann marie arrested after her friend was shot in the head at Georgia hotel.

December 16, 2020 2:48pm | Armoni McNeill

Chicago singer Ann Marie has been jailed on felony charges after a childhood friend was shot in the head at a Georgia hotel last week because of a near-deadly shooting that she claims were an accident. The 25-year-old musician, Joann Marie Slater, was arrested December […]

Outside the Presidential Election

December 16, 2020 2:46pm | Maddy Cummings

Often times we get so wrapped up in the Presidential election we forget about everything else on the ballot. While the presidential election is a big deal and will affect many things… it is not the only concern for Americans. This year, being a census […]

Cheap And Sweet

December 16, 2020 2:23pm | Sylvie Ballou

We have entered the season of giving, but as young teens, many of us don’t have the amount of cash in our pockets as we would like so getting gifts for friends, family, and loved ones may be a bit tricky; however, still very possible. […]

First Person To Receive Vaccine

December 13, 2020 6:49pm | Evan Brown

Earlier this week a 90-year-old woman from London was the first to receive a Pfizer vaccine in the world. During her stay at the hospital for heart tests, she was given the vaccine which makes her the first person to receive the vaccine outside of […]

Corona Virus Vaccines Could Be Out As Soon As Christmas

December 5, 2020 1:38am | Evan Brown

While vaccines for COVID-19 have been in the works for months, federal governors are finally promising the release in the near future. States are beginning to prepare for vaccinating their citizens sometime during December. This is very good news, however, people that need the vaccine […]

Biden’s Cabinet Team

December 4, 2020 6:17pm | Maddy Cummings

The Biden Transitioning Team is working hard on creating a cabinet to satisfy the needs of the people, the Senate, and the Nation. Months of critical and careful examination have gone into the process of choosing the leading candidates that will take a seat in […]

Select Students Now in School

November 21, 2020 2:19am | Eleana Murphy

As we know students that attend Lakewood City Schools are all enrolled in the remote-learning styled school year. If you don’t know what remote learning is, it is the style where students attend assigned timed Zoom meetings with their classes throughout the day.  Students are […]

Covid-19 Governor Updates

November 21, 2020 2:18am | Eleana Murphy

With covid cases rising and Cuyahoga County close to entering the purple zone, Governor Mike Dewine has tightened restrictions on daily activities in hopes of controlling the spread, starting off with a 10-5 curfew as well as limiting indoor dining. Just as the first time […]

Governor Mike DeWine Recommends Ohioans Stay Home

November 21, 2020 2:08am | Evan Brown

When Governor Mike DeWine arrived back in Cleveland on Wednesday, he talked about the rising Covid cases in Cuyahoga County. He mentioned that there are very promising vaccines coming in the near future, but that the distribution would take some time. On November 16-17, Cleveland […]

Black Friday COVID Version

November 21, 2020 2:06am | Eleana Murphy

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and we all know what that means… Black Friday. Black Friday is the biggest and busiest shopping day of the year. so one could imagine how different it might be this year due to the coronavirus. Like almost all […]

How to Safely Celebrate Thanksgiving During COVID

November 18, 2020 2:08pm | Lucy McIntire

This Thanksgiving, it is important to stay safe. And while people normally celebrate in large groups of family or friends, that is not the safest option this year. Ideally, everyone would be celebrating with the people they have been isolating (likely in the same house […]

MLB Offseason

November 16, 2020 2:01pm | Dylan Ferry

In this crazy year of 2020, the MLB will have some of the top players in the market. The top players in the market are a large variety of players like… Fransisco Lindor will be a free agent in the 2021-2022 offseason the Indians will […]

Scientists Are Hard at Work For a COVID-19 Vaccine

November 14, 2020 12:35am | Evan Brown

In the last couple of months, two companies by the names of Pfizer and  BioNTech have been working hard on a COVID-19 vaccine. After many tests Pfizer has announced that their vaccine is highly effective, which even exceeded their expectations. It is the first vaccine […]

President Elect Biden Corona Virus Task Force

November 14, 2020 12:34am | Evan Brown

President-Elect Joe Biden has assembled a coronavirus task force to put an end to the virus as quickly as possible. As cases of the virus continue to rise daily, doctors in the coronavirus task force are potentially planning on another four to six-week lockdown. Doctor […]

Joe Biden’s Climate Plan- Do We Have a Second Chance?

November 12, 2020 6:32pm | Madeline Cummings

U.S President-elect Joe Biden’s climate plan could potentially reach the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5C So far, our world has warmed 1c pre-industrial times due to human activity and we are likely to pass the 1.5 mark by 2030. In order to stabilize […]

Puerto Ricans Voted in Favor Statehood, but What Does That Mean?

November 11, 2020 2:18pm | Lucy McIntire

Puerto Rico officially became a territory of the United States in 1917, when all citizens of Puerto Rico also became US citizens. In the 2020 election, Puerto Ricans narrowly voted in favor of statehood in a non-binding referendum. Puerto Rico is considered a Commonwealth of […]

Uprising in Poland

November 9, 2020 9:24pm | Maddy Cummings

Tens of thousands of women gathered at Warsaw, Poland’s capital,  to protest a recent court decision to outlaw nearly all abortions, starting an uprising throughout the country. The women of Poland took to the streets covered in red lightning bolts, which have become a symbol […]

US Swing States in the 2020 Presidential Election

November 4, 2020 2:23pm | Lucy McIntire

At this point in the election, the swing states will determine who will win. According to the New York Times, there are about 15 states that are considered swing states, and about 8 states, including Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Arizona, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Nebraska, […]