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The remade IT movies

January 17, 2020 6:22pm |

We all know the horror book IT written by no other than Stephen King. A horror story about a town haunted by an evil shape-shifter who wakes up every 27 years to lure the children of derry and eat them. But this creature one 27 […]

The Life at Lakewood High Currently

January 17, 2020 6:19pm | Chloe Fielder

The New Year begins strong and positive at Lakewood High School. Walking around as a student or as a staff member, everyday there is always something new to discover. Academics, sports, and the school environment is ready to take on the second semester at Lakewood […]

Browns Hire New Head Coach, Kevin Stefanski

January 17, 2020 6:18pm | Terence Checkett

The Cleveland Browns had an exciting and long 2019 season. However now that it’s over we can reflect on the team’s performance. Going into the season the Browns’ had high expectations and hoped to win their division and make the playoffs for the first time […]

Lakewood Swears in New Mayor

January 17, 2020 6:11pm | Jonas Evans

The 2020 mayoral term has just began when mayor Meghan George was sworn in on January 1st. She then swore in the new city council members January 6th (Ward 1 – Tess Neff, Ward 2 – Jason Shachner, Ward 3 – John Litten, Ward 4 […]

Climate Change

January 17, 2020 3:48pm | Ayden Wacker

In today’s society, climate change has become a serious issue. But not serious enough to where everyone is worried about it. It is a serious topic that could possibly cost the lives of innocent humans in the future. Currently it is at its worst, yet […]

Warrant for Odell’s Arrest

January 17, 2020 3:33pm | Caden Stanuch

The Cleveland Browns’ star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. has a warrant out for his arrest in New Orleans. The wide out was issued a warrant for slapping a security guard on the butt after the LSU win over Clemson in the national championship game. […]


January 13, 2020 12:04am | Alexander Schulz

The Cleveland Cavaliers and the Detroit Pistons are main rivals in the Eastern Conference. This week the Cavs and the Pistons play back to back games against each other. On Tuesday the Detroit Pistons could win the first game of the 2 games they are […]

The Umbrella Academy

January 12, 2020 11:19pm | Emma Perry

The Umbrella Academy is a television show based on a comic book series written by the band ” My Chemical Romance” lead singer Gerard Way. The Umbrella Academy is about 7 children adopted by a strange billionaire. These 7 children were all born on the […]

USA vs Iran

January 12, 2020 11:16pm |

The United States of America and Iran have had tension between the two for a very long time but lately things have been getting very worse. On Tuesday January 7th Iran launched over a dozen ballistic missiles at US airbases in Iraq. There were no […]

Lakewood Hockey “Mental Health Awareness” Night

January 12, 2020 11:13pm | Chloe Fielder

Saturday, January 4th, 2020 was the night to come to Winterhurst Arena in green. Green is the color for mental health and the Lakewood hockey team strongly supports this cause. It was an entertaining game to watch and to cheer on the Ice Rangers. Tickets […]

Bush Fires in Australia

January 12, 2020 11:00pm | Cassidy Baldridge

As the start of the new decade kicks off, there have already been history- making events. One big thing that the world is dealing with right now are the massive wild fires destroying Australia. Right now the continent is up in flames. Australia’s Kangaroo Island […]

Cold Showers

January 10, 2020 3:33pm | Caden Stanuch

Showering and staying clean is very important for a humans health. It is vital that we stay clean in order to protect ourselves from diseases and infections. It is entirely normal that people shower every day. But there are very few people who opt to […]

LakewoodAlive is going to host “Loving-Lakewood: All Stars”

December 15, 2019 12:58am | Noor imtiaz

LakewoodAlive’s sports-Themed Winter Fundraising Event is going to be held at Lakewood Masonic Temple on February 22.  LakewoodAlive are working hard and donning their uniforms to invite the people in lakewood to a sports-themed celebration of the heart, hustle and teamwork that has built Lakewood […]

These Scooters Have a Flaw

December 15, 2019 12:57am | Ayden Wacker

In downtown Cleveland, many people like to ride the scooters that are available for rent. Whether its to the Indians game or the Browns game, these scooters seem like an easy way to get around town without having to walk or drive though traffic. Even […]

High School Stress Levels

December 15, 2019 12:56am | Caden Stanuch

Everybody has stressful periods in their life. There are always times where people can feel overwhelmed and not know what to do in a given situation. But, a major thing that motivates people to get through stressful situations is that those situations eventually end. Adults […]

White Island Volcano Leaves Eight Dead

December 15, 2019 12:55am | Adam Schraibman

Earlier this week, 47 passengers of a cruise line got off on an island near New Zealand known as White Island; an active volcano that erupted shortly after the passengers arrived. The search for the missing is difficult because, after an eruption, a volcano leaks […]

The New and Improved Airpods

December 15, 2019 12:53am | Avery Plumley

It’s that time of year again, Thanksgiving has ended and Christmas has stepped up to the plate. People all over have officially started their gift shopping and stocking up on holiday foods to prepare for the big day, and many businesses have started early. With […]

Persecution of Muslims

December 15, 2019 12:51am | Emma Perry

America and China has a very unbalanced peace. China And America aren’t friends but they aren’t enemies. China has made camps that we are meant to believe are ” reduction camps”. But maybe that’s not all what they seem to be. Secret documents have been found […]

EdChoice Programs and Funding

December 15, 2019 12:44am | Sophia Masek

In Lakewood, the public education system is one of our top priorities. Its placement is the same as it’s area code but still, it’s a fantastic place to learn. However, communities and their populations are continuously growing, creating more and more needs for funding. Many […]

What’s Lost Can Be Found

December 15, 2019 12:43am | Sophia Masek

The second Friday of December is national Lost and Found Day and that falls on today, December 13th, 2019. Although it seems ridiculous, it’s something to pay attention to. Throughout the world, people are leaving things behind. Adults and children alike drop or misplace items […]

Light Up Lakewood

December 15, 2019 12:36am | "Jonas Hupcey"

Light up Lakewood is an annual event that has been going on for the past 13 years with each year better than the last.  There will always be food trucks and the parade but every year is unique in its own way.  Taking a look […]

Decade Recap

December 15, 2019 12:30am | Cassidy Baldridge

It is now the month of December of 2019 and the year 2020 is coming up soon. This is the start of a new decade. Here are some things that have happened in these past 10 years that were big in the news: In 2011 […]

Cows wearing Vr headsets

December 6, 2019 5:16pm | Adam Schraibman

Cows in Russia are starting to wear vr headsets. The engineers in Russia that are doing this state that the cows produce more milk and are calmer when wearing the headset. The images that are displayed to the cows are of relaxing fields of green […]

Cyber Monday vs Black Friday

December 6, 2019 5:01pm | Mallory Moorman

Black Friday use to be the biggest shopping day of the year. The deals in stores were unbeatable that no one would miss going out after the holiday. This year though black Fridays turn out was not as big as previous years. Cyber Monday, on […]

Effects of texting and driving law in Lakewood

December 6, 2019 4:57pm | Noor imtiaz

Lakewood’s new distracted driving law which makes texting and driving a primary offense, meaning violators can be pulled over by police and can be charged for the violation. This new law makes the acts of texting, reading, scrolling, dialing, or answering the phone punishable and […]

Newsflash! For Lakewood and Nationwide Students:

December 6, 2019 4:55pm | Chloe Fielder

December 14, 2019, is an important special day for students that have signed up for the ACT or the SAT. The ACT and SAT are standardized tests for college admissions, that can be retaken for improvements. The SAT test scale is based on a 400 […]

Cyber Monday 2019

December 2, 2019 3:26pm | Sophia Masek

Thanksgiving’s over, Black Friday’s ended, and our long weekend has come to a close. However, the Christmas season has not yet begun. We still have one event coming up on this very day, Cyber Monday! What is Cyber Monday, one may ask? Just like Black […]

Breakfast with Santa

November 19, 2019 1:37am | Sophia Masek

December is mere weeks away; everyday drawing nearer and nearer. In December, it’s one Lakewood resident’s favorite holiday traditions: Light Up Lakewood! However, we already have several articles reporting on said event, but none of which mention what’s been planned for that day. How could […]

Another Trump Tweet

November 15, 2019 5:23pm | Ayden Wacker

On November 14, the day after the first Impeachment hearing, Trump had tweeted another degrading tweet that he quoted from someone else. It spoke of the abilities of the average citizen in America. The tweet said, “That hearing was about a policy dispute. Regular people […]

Lakewood Chocolate walk

November 15, 2019 5:13pm | "Jonas Hupcey"

Lakewood had its annual chocolate walk with quite the crowd.  If you have never gone to it or have never heard about it the experience is like no other.  During the chocolate walk, there were over 30 sweet or savory stops to check out with […]

The New Mayor

November 15, 2019 5:12pm | "Jonas Hupcey"

Over the past week, Lakewood had its election for city various city council positions.  With the most buzz around who was going to be the next mayor of Lakewood.  In the end, Meghan George came out on top with 50.73 percent of the votes and […]

Veterans Day

November 9, 2019 8:19pm | Megan Winters

“It means I’m a veteran, and I went through a heck of a lot to be a veteran,” says Richard Dutro who served in the World War II army. November 11th marks a day in the United States which we honor veterans who served to […]

Lakewood Closing Business Trend

November 9, 2019 8:18pm | Caden Stanuch

Lakewood, Ohio seems to be going through a complete overhaul of stores and locations to make it more appealing for people looking for new places to live. I believe that it started with the Burger King located on Detroit avenue. They took an old, dated […]

Smart Buckle

November 8, 2019 3:46pm | Terence Checkett

Have you ever lost your pet? If you have more than 1 in your lifetime there is a good chance that you have or will. 1/3 of pets become lost at least once in their lives. The sinking feeling that occurs to owners when they […]

Day of the Dead in Cleveland

November 3, 2019 6:04pm | Helen Roche

Every year in which early November comes upon us marks the days that families come together to remember and celebrate the lives of their deceased loved ones. Although it may be called “Day of the Dead,” it is a misconception that this holiday is about […]

Appreciation Week

November 3, 2019 5:57pm | Mallory Moorman

Appreciation is the recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something. Sometimes life is going so fast that it is hard to take a step back and realize the people and things in life that we appreciate most. It could be a […]

US Threatens Iran

October 27, 2019 10:48pm | Caden Stanuch

With tension growing in between nations around the world, it is important to keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of unstable and potentially hostile countries. In 2015, the US, Iran, and 5 other nations agreed to keep Uranium enrichment under 3.67%. But, last week, […]

Cleveland: Home of the USA’s First Physically-Integrated Dance Company

October 27, 2019 8:58pm | Halina Dreger

“If dance is an expression of the human spirit, then it is best expressed by people of all abilities.” Such is the belief upon which Cleveland’s Dancing Wheels Company & School was founded. The Dancing Wheels Company (founded in 1980 by Mary Verdi-Fletcher) was the […]

Phones While Driving are Gone

October 21, 2019 12:32am | Ayden Wacker

Paying attention to the road while fighting the urge to send that message can be difficult. And that is why a significant law was approved in Lakewood. As of December 2nd, it will be illegal to be operating a motor vehicle with a mobile device […]

Navy Planks for Sit-ups

October 21, 2019 12:30am | Caden Stanuch

In the Navy, it has long been custom for our physical screening tests to be push-ups, sit-ups, and running. The Navy felt that these three exercises covered the most of the muscles groups and improved recruit performance the most. But, for some time now, recruits […]

Sweetest Day

October 21, 2019 12:20am | Mallory Moorman

    Ahhhh Sweetest Day. A growing holiday that gives many something to just look forward to. One of the few days out of the year that everyone can show the ones who need it most, a little extra love. In fact, Sweetest Day originated […]

Non-discriminatory Laws Proposed in Ohio

October 21, 2019 12:18am | Sophia Masek

The LGBTQ+ community has been oppressed for hundreds of years, and just recently (the past couple of decades) they have been taken into more consideration in the views of the public and the government. In 2010, the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” law was placed by […]

Fall Arrived

October 12, 2019 11:45pm | Mallory Moorman

Lakewood has finally started to look like fall. The Lakewood Park trees, Metroparks trees, and trees on our Lakewood streets have begun changing colors and soon the leaves will come down. With it looking like fall comes it feeling like fall.  The season has come […]

Young Climate Change Activist on the Rise: Greta Thunberg

October 8, 2019 2:50pm | Helen Roche

Emerged as the face of climate change activism, Greta Thunberg is using her voice to hold real accountability on the government for failing our future and world. Thunberg is a 16-year-old girl from Sweden living with Aspergers, and she is taking the world by storm. […]

Is Forever 21 Really Forever?

October 8, 2019 2:42pm | Mallory Moorman

Forever 21, a popular store among many young women has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy.  Chapter 11 bankruptcy is simply reorganization of the business to help keep it alive. It has struggled due to its competition with online stores. The retail industry has simply changed […]

Get The Plastic Out of My Water

October 8, 2019 2:39pm | ¨Jonas Hupcey

Living in Lakewood, we all have seen plastic polluting our city, but what we don’t always see is how big of an impact it has on Lake Erie. There are 46,000 pieces of plastic per square kilometer in Lake Erie which is second most with […]

Sneak Peak into the Homecoming Court

September 27, 2019 5:22pm | Avery Plumley and Cassidy Baldridge

Homecoming week is very eventful for Lakewood High School. Between dressing up for the themes each day, the pep rally at the end of school on Friday, the spirit parade right before Friday night lights with the big game, and finding out who’s homecoming king […]

Ravens vs Chiefs Proves Who The Best Young Quarterback Is

September 27, 2019 5:21pm | Caden Stanuch

With week three of the NFL coming to close, the standings around the league haven’t changed much. Every team is basically where they started going into the game, with teams like the 49ers, Patriots, and Chiefs furthering their first place standings by starting the season […]

Meet Mohammed Alniserawiy

September 27, 2019 5:19pm | Ayden Wacker

Mohammed Alniserawiy is junior here at Lakewood High school. He has always been in the middle of what sport to play. Playing basketball with friends was always fun to him but nothing really spoke to him like how football finally did. Q: Why did you […]

Raising Canes is now Open

September 27, 2019 5:17pm | Mariah Umble

As many of you know the old Bob Evans was closed down on Detroit Ave. to make a new and improved restaurant called Raising Canes. Their grand opening was on September 25th, 2019.  Everyone is talking about it. This Louisiana-based restaurant is awarding 20 customers […]