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Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Business Struggling in Many Ways

May 9, 2019 4:30pm | Samuel Stone

Since 2016, medical marijuana has been legal in the state of Ohio. 21 different diseases can be treated, diseases that initially had 3.5 million people of Ohio to qualify for a cannabis prescription. The most popular prognosis is chronic pain. The business is far from […]

Moldovan man accused of faking his own death for $2M insurance payout

May 9, 2019 1:09pm | Aidan Sterling

A Moldovan national was accused of faking his death eight years ago in Eastern Europe in order to split a $2 million life insurance policy with his ex-wife and son pleaded guilty Friday in a Minneapolis federal court.  According to Fox news, Vorotinov took out […]

2019 Met Gala

May 9, 2019 1:08pm | Jillian Moorman

On May 6th, the annual Met Gala took place at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. This gala is an annual fundraiser for the Costume Institute in the museum; it typically is the “grand opening” of the fashion reveal. Every year the gala […]

Bubonic Plague still at it!

May 8, 2019 6:13pm | James Morrissey

The Bubonic Plague in its hey-day formally known as the Black Death killed an estimated 50 million people across three continents in the 1300s. The medieval plague is still making headlines in 2019. On May 1st, a couple died in Mongolia hunting marmots. Marmots are […]

Lakewood Nurse Charged with Felonies

May 8, 2019 5:49pm | Maddi Tobey

A nurse from Lakewood has been charged with multiple felonies. Forty-three-year-old, Michelle Brown, is accused of stealing liquid medicine from Crestmont North Nursing Home. Brown took morphine and hydromorphone from the nursing home and refilled the bottles with water. She left behind the diluted medicine, […]

New Report on Climate Change

May 8, 2019 5:48pm | Lalia Riseng

Recently, the media world has been particularly focused on exposing the effects and reality of climate change. Perhaps it is because we are finally starting to feel the effects of damaging the environment for so long; the existence of strange and extreme weather cannot be […]

Cruise Ship Quarantined over Measles Concerns

May 8, 2019 5:46pm | Jordan Esposito

A cruise ship owned by the Church of Scientology reportedly has a female crew member with measles. When the ship arrived at the Caribbean island of St. Lucia, no one was allowed to disembark the vessel over the concern of everyone on board being infected […]

Mongolian Couple die of bubonic plague after eating marmot, triggering quarantine

May 8, 2019 5:40pm | Mya Amato

After eating a raw marmot, a couple had been reported dead of the Bubonic Plague. They were under six days of quarantine that left a significant amount of tourists stranded in the region. The couple had wanted to try some raw meat and kidney of the […]

Ohio’s District Map is Ruled Unconstitutional

May 7, 2019 5:09pm | Nina Zanghi

On Friday, May 3rd, a three judge panel ruled that Ohio’s congressional district map is unconstitutional. The map was made in 2012 and supposed to last until 2020. Ohio will have to make a new map by June 14th for the 2020 election. The ruling […]

The legal limit to buy Tobacco has changed

May 7, 2019 4:47pm | Samuel Csora

Child Victims in Syria Brought to the US for a Second Chance

May 7, 2019 4:46pm | Makenzy Ohmer

15-year-old Hamama was once playing in the mountains with her animals in her poor family’s remote farm in the Homs countryside. In the next moment all of her family, much of her memory, and almost her entire face was gone. Because of the U.S advocacy […]

Biggest drug bust in Florida county history

May 7, 2019 4:45pm | James Morrissey

Police in Florida issued arrest warrants for over 100 members of a suspected drug gang on Wednesday. They seized enough fentanyl to wipe out the entirety of Brevard County, population of 543,376. Brevard County is located on Florida’s east-central coast and is the 10th most populated county […]

Amber alert for 5 year-year-old kidnapped by 3 men

May 7, 2019 4:41pm | Blanca Montes

An Amber alert was issued on Sunday morning in Houston, Texas after a 5-year-old girl, Maleah Davis was allegedly abducted by three men. Her stepfather explained to police that they were driving George Bush Intercontinental Airport to pick up Maleah’s mother. He had to pull over […]

Scientist Simulate Asteroid Strikes

May 7, 2019 4:30pm | Jonah Spachtholz

Scientist are now simulating asteroid strikes in case of a path heading towards earth and ways to defend the earth. In a recent simulation, an asteroid heading towards Denver Colorado, a trio of spacecrafts managed to knock the asteroid off course. Celebration was short-lived because […]

U.S. Sends Air Craft Carrier And Bomber Task Force To Iran

May 7, 2019 4:27pm | Shane Rakes

The US said it is sending an aircraft carrier and a bomber task force to the Middle East in response to what it called “a credible threat” by Iranian regime forces. The deployment of the forces was first announced by the national security adviser, John […]

New Zealand Shooting

May 7, 2019 4:24pm | Angela Lewis

On Friday, March 15, 2019, a mass shooting at Christchurch Mosque in Wellington, New Zealand. This deadly terrorist attack cost fifty-one citizens their lives, men, women and children. Several people were left hospitalized. The shooting took place at Christchurch Mosque. His attacks were toward a […]

Jason Kipnis is Back on the Right Track

May 7, 2019 4:20pm | Sabrina Hamdan

Jason Kipnis was an emotional rollercoaster on Monday that ended in a 9-1 loss to the Chicago White Sox and included his first multi-hit game since April 21. It also featured a pregame encounter with local law enforcement as Kipnis was pulled over in his […]

Epidemic of Tobacco Products

May 7, 2019 4:14pm | Cassidy Baldridge

The new trend these day is vaping– juuls, dabs, and e-cigarettes. Our wholes lives we were told to stay clear from cigarettes. They taught us in a way in which it scared us into not doing it. The new technology of vaping devices has  not […]

Friday May 3, 2019

May 3, 2019 5:29pm | Staff

Barnstormers Drama Club and the Performing Arts Department is performing MAMMA MIA. There are only two performances left, tonight and tomorrow night.  All performances begin at 7:30pm in the Civic Auditorium. Tickets are available at the door for $10.00.   Members of the French Honor Society […]

San Diego Synagogue Shooting

May 3, 2019 12:07pm | Madeline Cummings

On April 27, 2019, a local synagogue was attacked by a gunman on the last day of Passover, one of the holiest days of the year. With one dead and three injured, including the Rabbi, the community and the nation are left with grief and […]

Cleveland Man Shot in Head

May 2, 2019 5:56pm | Maddi Tobey

A twenty-two-year-old man was left in critical condition after suffering a bullet wound to the head.  On Tuesday, April 30th, the man was shot outside an apartment building in Cleveland’s North Shore-Collinwood neighborhood. A witness told authorities that she saw two groups arguing, which escalated into two […]

Attorney General, William Barr, Lies Under Oath

May 2, 2019 5:50pm | Riley Geyer

After William Barr’s “book report” summarizing the Mueller report was released, he was asked if Robert Mueller disagreed with his report. Barr responded saying he didn’t know if Mueller believed his 4-page summary was an accurate representation of the 400-page report that Mueller released. This […]

The Horrible India Cyclone

May 2, 2019 5:49pm | Shane Rakes

India has began the evacuation of  the 800,000 people in idia and deployed emergency personnel as the country’s east coast braces for a severe cyclonic storm. Tropical Cyclone Fani, which is located in the Bay of Bengal and packing wind speeds up to 127 miles […]

Two Teens Charged for Attempted Carjacking

May 2, 2019 5:49pm | Maddi Tobey

Two Cleveland teenagers attempted to carjack a woman outside of a Walgreens in the Clark-Fulton neighborhood. They threw the woman out of her car and stole her keys. The teens were 17-year-old males, who have had several charges placed against them. Both teens were charged […]

Four Things You May Need to Know About Measles

May 2, 2019 5:46pm | Kaitlyn Rosa

The measles outbreak is more serious than many think. People are unaware of how quickly it is spreading back around. It has been 51 years since an effective vaccine was introduced. This turned the tables for children. It quickly turned from a common childhood disease […]

Scientists Discover Abnormal Black Hole

May 2, 2019 5:45pm | Molly Roche

At a distance of nearly 8000 lightyears away, scientists have reported a rather unusual black hole. Named “V404 Cygni,” the black hole is nearly nine times the size of our sun. It first caught attention in 1989 because it was releasing jets and radiation, then […]

Lake Erie has a Bill of Rights

May 2, 2019 5:42pm | Faith Patton

Lake Erie provides drinking water for about 11 million people and it even creates a microclimate along its shore, which makes the area fertile and makes it a good spot for nurseries and apple orchards. All of that is pretty cool and in order to […]

Rental Restoration Program in Lakewood

May 2, 2019 5:28pm | Jillian Moorman

The City of Lakewood has always made sure that the community is healthy, safe, and looking its best. The new project that they are about to dive into proves that the city wants the best for its citizens. The launching of the new upcoming project […]

Veteran commits suicide outside VA Hospital

May 2, 2019 5:21pm | McKenzie Lane

The United States Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) is required by law to provide eligible veterans hospital care and outpatient care services that are defined as “needed.” VA defines “needed” as care or service that will promote, preserve, and restore health. This includes treatment, procedures, supplies, […]

Shooting at University of North Carolina Kills Two and Injures Four

May 2, 2019 5:00pm | Armani Adames

According to the New York Times, an alert flashed across computers and phone screens all over campus, the instructions were urgent: “Run, Hide, Fight. Secure yourself immediately.” Just before 6 p.m. on Tuesday, gunshots were fired as students waited for rapper Waka Flocka Flame’s concert […]

Future of Criminal Identification: Retinal Scans

May 2, 2019 4:34pm | Samuel Stone

In the past decades, various forms of identifiers and technology have made convicting criminals easier. DNA samples, fingerprinting, age progressive technology, and retinal scans. “Retinal scans?” You ask. “What does that mean?” It sounds like something out of an early 2000’s spy movie, the idea […]

UNC Shooting

May 2, 2019 4:21pm | Max Boland

Tuesday evening, a shooter by the name of Trystan Terrell, 22, targeted the Kennedy building on campus–as Terrell is a former student and knows the layout well. Terrell killed two and left four others wounded, not saying a word as he entered the North door […]

NFL Draft

May 2, 2019 4:05pm | Rawad Khawam

The NFL draft was an exciting one to watch with teams making the right decisions and teams making the wrong decisions. It all started on Thursday April, 25 where teams discussed their draft picks and having meetings with the players. On the second day of […]

Woodstocks 50th Anniversary Festival Cancelled

May 2, 2019 4:04pm | James Morrissey

Woodstock, as most know is one of the biggest music festivals ever held. A giant party on a local dairy farm in the Catskill Mountains, northwest of New York City hosted an audience of more than 400,000. That was in 1969, 50 years later the […]

Emperor Akihito becomes first Japanese monarch to abdicate in 200 years

May 2, 2019 3:56pm | Aidan Sterling

Akihito, along with Empress Michiko and the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, attended a short ceremony at 5 p.m. local time (4 a.m. ET) in the Matsu-no-Ma stateroom of the Imperial Palace. This is so important that there were people waiting outside the palace while […]

Instagram Adds New Updates

May 2, 2019 3:54pm | Jillian Moorman

In today’s society, we can not wait for our favorite social media networks to release new updates– it is a part of the entertainment. Between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat we are consumed by the overwhelming number of improvements that these sites make on a […]

Two Women’s Bodies were Found a Freezer

May 2, 2019 3:49pm | Jacob Goings

Two men were arrested after the bodies of two women were found in their freezer in London. The men were 34 and 50 years old. “That is kind of messed up and creepy. People should not be doing this,” says freshman Sam Stallbaum. The 34-year-old […]

“Crime News” Wanted By Amazon Doorbell Company

May 1, 2019 5:59pm | Tony Cunningham

Last year, Amazon would buy the doorbell company, Ring, for over one billion dollars. Amazon is currently seeking out someone who can act as “managing editor, news,” with security-based doorbells being the main focus of attention. Apparently, a doorbell company would like to start covering […]

Former Lakewood Hospital Site Proposal

May 1, 2019 5:58pm | Katie Booth

This month, a revised proposal for the mixed-use development at the site of the former Lakewood Hospital was submitted to the city’s Architectural Board of Review. This new and improved proposal is resulting from developers working through the original design and making changes along the […]

Kentucky Derby

May 1, 2019 5:57pm | Nina Zanghi

The Kentucky Derby is this Saturday, May 4th, at 6:50 pm. The race takes place at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. This will be the 145th Kentucky Derby. The first one happened in 1875, making the Kentucky Derby the longest-running sporting event in U.S. history. […]

Avengers: Endgame Breaks Record for Biggest Opening Weekend

May 1, 2019 5:55pm | Jayden Reyes

This past weekend, “Avengers: Endgame” shattered the record for biggest opening weekend in film history with an estimated $350 million in ticket sales domestically and $1.2 billion globally. These ridiculous numbers surpassed even the studios’ own domestic estimate, which sat between $260 million and $300 […]

270+ Election Officials Die in Indonesia

May 1, 2019 5:53pm | Jordan Esposito

Over 270 election officials in Indonesia died after they worked one of the most complicated single-day pollings ever on April 17th. This was the first time that Indonesia had its legislative and presidential elections on the same day. Around 192.8 million people were eligible to […]

Avengers Endgame

May 1, 2019 1:56pm | Angela Lewis

What is the hottest movie out right now? Marvel’s new creation, Avengers: Endgame! The new movie has off the chart record sales, an amazing fan base, and beat nearly every box office record. Endgame brings every Marvel superhero to life to finish one last battle. Iron Man, […]

Bucks Dominate Celtics to Even the Series

May 1, 2019 1:42pm | Tommy Sala

Tuesday night in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the Milwaukee Bucks and the Boston Celtics tipped off Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Semifinal match up. The Bucks knew that they had to respond with a bang after getting smashed in Game 1 at home. The game was […]

Children were hit by police during shootout

May 1, 2019 1:27pm | Makenzy Ohmer

In Oklahoma a mother is fearing for her children’s lives. There was a police shootout that left three of her four children with injuries. Mother Olivia Hill and her four children were in a pickup truck which was driven by William Devaughn Smith who police […]

Bucks take game 2 from the Celtics

May 1, 2019 1:25pm | Ahmad Nijem

This past Tuesday, April 30, the Milwaukee bucks took on the Boston Celtics and defeated them, with a score of 102-123. The Celtics and the Bucks faced off in game 1 and the Bucks lost with a score of 112-90. The Bucks scored a total […]

Why the Warriors Will not win the NBA Finals

May 1, 2019 1:15pm | Will Hyatt

Before the 2019 NBA season, the Golden State Warriors were expected to be an unstoppable team, and be the “team to beat.”  The Warriors ended up being the number one seed in the western conference, but they were anything but unstoppable. The Warriors went 57-25 […]

Jeopardy champ keeps on winning.

May 1, 2019 1:12pm | Charles Hericks

Jeopardy for most is just a fun game to watch and try to answer the questions but for James Holzhauer, he took it to a whole nother level. James Holzhauer just won his 19th Jeopardy game. With this win, he’s now tied for the third-longest […]


May 1, 2019 1:06pm | Samuek Csora

Apple is in the process of making a new iPhone. The “iPhone 11 max” and the “iPhone 11R”. Apple will not be releasing this new piece of technology for another five months. International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo goes who is currently the world’s top Apple […]

Plastic Taking Over the World

May 1, 2019 1:05pm | Cassidy Baldridge

As we know, plastic is a big issue for our world. It has a very big impact, especially in our ocean. Every single day it kills millions of animals. Whether it be from entering an animals stomach or being wrapped around their neck or body. […]