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Flying cars

May 9, 2020 7:47pm | Jonas Hupcey

We have all dreamed and wondered what the future would look like.  One thing that nearly everyone has wondered was when would flying cars be made for the public.  While flying cars seem like they may never happen they are actually not many years away […]

Our New Lives

May 9, 2020 7:46pm | "Jonas Hupcey"

Our lives will change forever because of this pandemic.  Who knows if they will ever be the same it could be years or eternity.  The prestigious Harvard university has estimated that social distancing will stay in place through at least 2021.  This means that for […]

Last Day Adjusted to May 20

May 9, 2020 7:43pm | Chloe Fielder

The pandemic of 2020 changed nearly almost everything. Lakewood City School students have been learning and completing assignments online for the fourth quarter. Schools are closed for the remainder of the year. The initial final day of instruction was planned for June 2, the Lakewood […]

Updates Made to LHS Senior Events, Including Virtual Graduation

May 8, 2020 6:57pm | Halina Dreger

An email sent out to Lakewood High School’s senior families earlier this week announced some changes to the events being held for graduates to-be. The Class of 2020 was originally scheduled to have its last day of school on May 21. Though senior classes will […]

Deadly Bees

May 8, 2020 6:52pm | Cassidy Baldridge

As if the COVID-19 wasn’t bad enough, there is something new that is deadly that has entered the United States, “Murder Hornet.” They have been spotted recently in the northwest of America. They are known to be found in Japan and it is a mystery […]

Lakewood High to Hold Virtual Commencement

May 1, 2020 7:55pm | Halina Dreger

On Monday, April 27, Lakewood High School principal Mark Walter sent out an email to the class of 2020 announcing that this year’s commencement ceremony will be held virtually. This alert came after the Ohio Department of Education and Governor Mike DeWine advised that all […]

Hart Island

April 30, 2020 11:33pm | Mallory Moorman

Corona virus, corona virus, corona virus. The topic of all discussions these past couple of month. From dinner tables talks, to just small talk. Corona virus we can’t get enough of. But I mean how could we not when it has truly taken over all […]

Life After Quarantine: A New Lifestyle

April 26, 2020 2:08am | Chloe Fielder

Hold on…slow your roll! Yes, Governor Mike DeWine says the state of Ohio will start slowly reopening on May 1st, which is actually just around the corner. This does not mean the return of life like how it was before the pandemic in such a […]

The Three Phases to Normalcy

April 26, 2020 2:07am | Cassidy Baldridge

We are finally starting to see the light at the end of this every dark tunnel. All of April Ohio and America has been shut down with rising numbers of COVID-19. Finally good news has arrived. Trump has made it clear that he wants America’s […]

Ohio Schools Closed for the Rest of the Year

April 22, 2020 3:20pm | Caden Stanuch

Mike DeWine, the governor of Ohio, announced on Monday, April 20th, that Ohio k-12 schools will remain closed for the remainder of this school year. With the global pandemic of COVID-19 still going around, it makes sense that he made this decision. Ohio is doing […]

Kim Jong Un

April 22, 2020 3:17pm | Caden Stanuch

Kim Jong Un is the Supreme Leader of North Korea. He took control of the nation after his father’s death from a heart attack on December 17th, 2011, and has been in charge ever since. Kim Jong Un is known around the world for his […]

Coronavirus Statistics

April 18, 2020 3:45pm | Emma Perry

There is a pandemic going on all over the world. COVID-19, or the term everybody knows: Coronavirus. COVID-19 has affected many people’s lives, some in harsh ways and some in harmless ways. Nevertheless, the pandemic is affecting everybody in the world in one way or […]

How Covid-19 is Affecting the Elections

April 18, 2020 3:37pm | Madeline Cummings

This year the Covid-19 outbreak has affected our lives in many ways, one of which being the presidential election. With the virus affecting thousands of Americans, many citizens are pushing for an alternative to in-person voting as the “Go Out and Vote” groups are unable […]

Ohio’s Goal: Our Life Back

April 14, 2020 10:27am | Chloe Fielder

How will we overcome this quarantine? Nobody knows for sure yet how things will turn out in the end. How long it may take for full recovery of the virus and the economy is quite unknown as well. The state of Ohio, under orders by […]

Unemployment at an All Time High

April 14, 2020 10:13am | Cassidy Baldridge

Money, money, money. In this time, many people are struggling with money, or worrying about what is going to come next. Since many companies had to shut down and lay off millions of people because of the virus, many have had to apply for unemployment. […]

Sweden Refuses to Lock Down During Pandemic

April 12, 2020 9:19pm | Bella Nieves

This pandemic has been extremely serious these last few weeks. Leaders everywhere are locking down to prevent the spread of Coronavirus  and the amount of lives it’s taking. COVID-19 has taken us by storm on a global scale, so everyone is pitching in and coming […]

Is Remote Learning Better?

April 11, 2020 1:44am | Ayden Wacker

Technology has become a big part of our society today. New phones, new computers, and even cars that are controlled by technology. Since technology is only going to get stronger we should get used to having it be a part of our lives right? Remote […]

Emily McIntire

April 10, 2020 4:40pm | Halina Dreger

Emily McIntire is a senior at Lakewood High School, a girl’s soccer captain, and an active member of Help 2 Others, National Honor Society, and Key Club. She has taken part in Project Lead the Way all four years of her high school career and […]

From healthcare to Front-line

April 4, 2020 10:05pm | Mallory Moorman

Recently I interview my mom, Wendy Powers.  She has been with the Cleveland Clinic for 20 years.  She has had a number of experiences with the clinic, but currently she, and many others, is facing the affects of covid-19. Here are a few questions she […]

Anti Aging drugs

April 4, 2020 2:12pm | Jonas Hupcey

We have all thought about what it would be like to live forever. Would we stay the same age? Would our age reverse so we would actually get younger instead of older? With those as only a few questions there are many more questions and […]

Italy’s Infection Rates Slow Down

April 3, 2020 11:54pm | Tajon Short

Amidst the rising number of global cases, the U.S. and Italy seem to have the  larger number of cases of the COVID-19 virus. However as it stands, Italy currently has the most deaths caused by the virus globally.  They currently have 14,681 deaths on record for […]

What about the AP exams?

April 3, 2020 4:49pm | Johana Guci

A big part of Lakewood High School students’ academic journey is taking AP classes and preparing for AP exams. If they get a 3, a 4, or a 5 on their AP exam, they can earn college credit for that particular class and they don’t […]

NBA vs. Corona

March 15, 2020 6:34am | Maddy Cummings

The NBA has suspended its season for a full month due to the coronavirus. Fans and players were shocked to discover two of the players tested positive for the virus. Utah Jazz stars, Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert, both tested positive for this virus. On […]


March 15, 2020 6:31am | Liam Meszaros

With the increasing emergence around the world of the virus known as COVID-19, also called the Wuhan or coronavirus, there is also increasing media coverage. People all over the U.S. are in a panic. Some stores are reported to have been completely sold out in […]

Stocks Plummeting into a bear-market After European Travel Ban

March 15, 2020 6:10am | Tajon Short

With the coronavirus quickly spreading globally, it’s no surprise that travel to certain countries has been banned. In the U.S., President Donald Trump has decided to ban travel to Europe for 30 days in an attempt to prevent any more of the virus from spreading […]

NBA Season got suspended

March 15, 2020 5:56am | Alexander Schulz

The 2019-2020 NBA season was suspended on 3/11/20 due to the coronavirus. The NBA made this hard decision because one player tested positive for the virus. The player who  tested positive is Utah Jazz Center, Rudy Gobert. The Frenchman joked about having the virus two […]

Lakewoods Street Renovation

March 15, 2020 5:49am | Chloe Fielder

For us Lakewood citizens, there is some good news for once. While the coronavirus outbreak has impacted many people in a negative way, positive news is planned for Lakewood, Ohio. The city is planning a spring-summer road program, which basically means updating pavements and curbs […]

NBA Season Suspended Indefinitely

March 15, 2020 5:37am | Terence Checkett

Wednesday, March 11th will certainly go down in sports history as a truly crazy day. It started with all 4 professional sports leagues in the U.S. banning media in locker rooms. As the threat of COVID-19 increased, the NBA owners got together and decided to […]

Ohio Schools to Close for 3 Weeks

March 13, 2020 2:51pm | Halina Dreger

On Thursday, March 12, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced during his press conference and via Twitter that Ohio public, private, and charter schools will have an extended, 3-week spring vacation due to concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic. The break will begin after school on Monday, […]

GV Art and Design

March 13, 2020 2:50pm | Ayden Wacker

Coming up with and idea and executing it is extremely difficult for most people, but not for George Vlasic and Grieg Vlasic. These two men started a company with nothing but an Etch A Sketch and a mind full of ideas.  These two men were […]

Update on Coronavirus

March 11, 2020 2:29pm | "Jonas Hupcey"

From Wuhan, China to 107 other countries, the Coronavirus, or COVID-19, has been spreading around the world and could be in your community.  The United States has over 700 confirmed cases with 14 deaths, but as testing continues more and more cases keep popping up. […]

Biden takes lead over Sanders

March 9, 2020 2:47pm | Terence Checkett

We started out with 28 in the pool, 28 democrats looking to win the nomination an the chance to take down Trump in this years presidential election. It didn’t take long to eliminate the weak ones, however up until a couple weeks ago, there was […]

Primary Elections

March 6, 2020 5:17pm | Jonas Evans

This Saint Patricks Day, registered voters can vote for their choice of democratic primary candidates. There are only 4 democratic candidates still running and 2 republicans. President Trump has little to no chance of losing the primaries to William Weld, the other republican candidate running […]

Lakewood’s School District Helping to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

March 6, 2020 4:50pm | Cassidy Baldridge

In the news, a big topic has been the Coronavirus. It started in China and it has spread worldwide.  The symptoms are close to the symptoms of the flu and similar to pneumonia. Many cities including Lakewood have been doing things to help prevent the […]

Italy’s Stand Against the Corona Virus

March 6, 2020 4:47pm | Caden Stanuch

With the Coronavirus spreading across the world at a very rapid rate, countries and their governments are scrambling to try and find a way to slow the disease. The country of Italy has come up with a very interesting way to try and stop the […]

The Corona Virus’ Growth

March 6, 2020 3:50pm | Ayden Wacker

Could one virus drastically affect a country? The answer is yes. Lately the coronavirus has been growing and growing all throughout the United states. Men and women are stocking up on water and food supplies because of this one little virus. Stocking up on stuff […]

Cleveland Orchestra comes to Lakewood

March 6, 2020 3:20pm | Terence Checkett

Despite some good athletic teams and several very high achieving students, when you ask people about Lakewood High School they often talk about the music programs. Led by some fantastic individuals, the choir, band and orchestra programs excel at Lakewood. In this case the Orchestra […]

Our Female Wrestling Team’s Season Comes to an End

February 28, 2020 6:14pm | Tajon Short

Our female wrestling team had their state tournament over the weekend being accompanied by coaches Paul Kordich and Doug Thomas. This was their last tournament of the season and they had been working hard during practice to prepare for it. Unfortunately, they were knocked out […]

Rocky River Fire

February 28, 2020 6:13pm | Alexander Schulz

On the 23 of February, a Rocky River apartment building caught on fire. The fire was so big that the police even had to close a part of the I-90 highway. The fire was visible from as far as Euclid. What caused the fire is […]

More Winter Weather

February 28, 2020 6:09pm | Mallory Moorman

Spring is just around the corner. Or so many of us in Lakewood thought. This week came along to prove us very wrong, and as we hear it will continue to prove us wrong, that spring may be further than we hoped for. Starting on […]

The Pros of Thrifting

February 28, 2020 6:01pm | Maddy Cummings

Thrifting is a cheap and affordable way to spice up your wardrobe without harming the environment, you are able to alter clothing items more freely to fit you better and it gives you more creative freedom to match outfits to fit your personal taste. The […]

Kaitlin Bennett Met with Protest at Ohio University

February 21, 2020 10:53pm | Halina Dreger

On Monday, February 17, gun-rights advocate Kaitlin Bennett (also known as the “Kent State gun girl” for her graduation pictures featuring weapons) stepped onto the Ohio University green and was quickly met with protest. Bennett claimed on Twitter that she wanted to ask Athens students […]

Should the wrestling room be larger?

February 21, 2020 5:27pm | TaJon Short

We all know that wrestling isn’t the most popular sport at our school, due to the strenuous practices and busy scheduling many people don’t join the sport. However does that mean the wrestling room should be as small as it is? Being a wrestler myself […]

LHS Basketball

February 21, 2020 5:26pm | Alexander Schulz

The Basketball winter season is almost over for the Lakewood High School teams, only a few days are left. The Boy’s Basketball Team has looked pretty good this season, only one LHS Boy’s Basketball Team has a negative record, and this team is the Freshman […]

Swim-A-Thon for Lakewood/Rocky River Firefighters

February 21, 2020 5:25pm | Bella Nieves

At the Rocky River Recreational Center from 7:30 to 9:30 a.m, there will be a benefit for the Rocky River and Lakewood firefighters. $15,000 in funding is the goal for a infrared cycle sauna decontamination for the River Fire Department and the goal for Lakewood […]

National Honor Society

February 21, 2020 5:23pm | Mallory Moorman

National Honor Society is a huge organization in educational systems. This organization recognizes students for their many accomplishments, and exceeding expectations in scholarship, leadership, service, and character. These are known as the four pillars. To even be considered to be a part of this highly […]

Taco Bell – A review

February 21, 2020 5:23pm |

Lakewood, Ohio is a wonderful place that is filled with many great places. It is known for its great and wide array of restaurants. Among the best of these restaurants, if not the absolute best, is undoubtedly Taco Bell. The Lakewood Taco Bell can be […]

What is going on in China?

February 21, 2020 5:21pm | Johana Guci

We all observed the Coronavirus having its major outbreak in January 2020, but a month has already passed, and things have already started to adjust. What is going on in China? Are things changing for the better, or for the worse? According to the New […]

Academic challenge team

February 21, 2020 5:18pm |

The Lakewood High School academic challenge has been cleaning up at tournaments with their A team placing top 5 in their first 2. Their top scorer being Evan Bell a senior at LHS. Lakewood A has already qualified for the national tournament in Atlanta. Lakewood […]

Civilian plane supposedly target of Syrian aircraft fire says Russia

February 18, 2020 1:50am | TaJon Short

On February 6th early Thursday morning, a civilian aircraft carrying 172 passengers was almost hit by the Syrian defense system while trying to land in Damascus. According to the Russian Defense Ministry they managed to avoid the attack and rerouted to the Russian airbase Hmeimim […]