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Character Sketches & Dialogue by Bee McClintock

Character 1:

There are some people that with just a glance you can tell that they take no B.S. from anyone. Aster is one of those people. She carries herself in such a way that she seems approachable, yet you wouldn’t dare try to mess with her unless you know her. A kind heart beats in her chest. Every step she takes is taken with purpose. 

Aster’s father had never been in her life, but she loved her mother very much. At the age of nine her mother died in a car accident and she went to live with her grandfather. Something about her mothers death lit a spark in Aster, she swore she would make something out of her life. Everything she does is for a reason, each and every day used trying to grow and learn. 

Now at 20 years old she lives happily in her little cottage in the woods. If you were to see her around town she would most likely be dressed in torn pants and a paint covered tee-shirt or tank top. Ebony black hair tied out of her face with a bandana, bright yellow converse covering her feet. While she was raised christisan by her mother, Aster converted to satanism in her late teens. At first it was as a joke, but as she read more deeply into it she realized that she did actually want to practice their way of living. 

However, as many kind, confident people are, Aster was incredibly curious. She can often be quoted correcting people who try to use the phrase, “Curiosity killed the cat”, the whole phrase, she will tell them, is, “Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back”. She was relieved to know that her life motto was correct when she began researching the ancient history of her newfound religion. Although her curiosity did not kill her, it sure did get her into a world of trouble. 

William, Aster’s grandfather and best friend, was gravely ill. He had cared for her her entire childhood and supported her no matter what. She wears a ring of his wherever she goes to stay connected to him. Desperation and love can make even the smartest people make stupendously stupid decisions. 


Character 2: 

Demons are greatly feared creatures in most cultures. What they don’t tell you is that the demons mostly seen by mortals are incredibly powerful. Think the Jeff Bezos of demons, the 1%. The rest of them, the younger, lower level demons are more like Spumae. Named after what he was called most in his mortal life before death, scum. Often called Mae this little demon has the spunk and temper of a full fledged demon. However she is only 160 years old, which is very young for a demon, so his bite doesn’t quite live up to their bark. 

In his natural form Mae is only roughly four feet tall, she can make himself invisible to the human eye at will (as is a power all demons no matter how young have). Mae has no memory of their life as a human, in fact she refuses to accept that they were at one point a human. She finds people to be bumbling idiots who disrespect nature and are just generally trash. 

Younger demons like Mae are generally sent on quiet jobs for hell, nothing public, no killing, there are strict rules. Mae does the bare minimum to follow these rules of course, but he has never gotten in trouble for it before. Despite her hatred for humans Mae still holds on to quite a lot of ‘human’ emotions. These emotions are not always portrayed in a way familiar to humans, Mae has no iris or pupil in his eye, it is solid white. It has no tear duct and cannot cry. Instead of crying she secretes a semi-mucus like substance from his armpits. This is accompanied by one of many of the horrible grating noises they can make. This is a rare occurrence, but most disgusting when it happens. 

Like most creatures that can feel embarrassment and insecurity Mae hides its feelings with fake over exaggerated ones. She will often boast about how many languages she can speak, however they’re most fluent in sarcasm and taunts. However much to his dismay her short horn tipped tail involuntarily wags when they get excited. Proving that even demons can be cute. 



She sat with her head in her hands, trying to be strong and hold back her tears. She could barely force the words out but they kept circulating through her mind and she didn’t want to believe them.

“It didn’t work.” The whimper escaped her lips and was soon followed by a quiet sob.

“What didn’t work?” Startled by the sudden noise Aster jumped and turned to face the small creature behind her. 

“What…how did..,” she stumbled over unfinished questions, speechlessly staring.

“It looks like you’re working on a spell, I’m very, and I mean very good at spells. I could help you fix whatever didn’t work,” as smirk grew onto its mouth as he paused, “for a price of course.” 

“Wait, are you a demon? Like an actual demon, from hell?” The questions exploded from her mouth as she allowed herself to regain hope. 

“Last time I checked, yeah. Look at me, horns, spiked tail, pointy teeth,” he turned to the ground behind him, gesturing wildly to it, “leaving a trail of fire behind me! Yah, demon.” He stared at her in confusion as she began to quietly celebrate.

“Are you good? This is not how people normally react.”

“I am more than good, I’m great! I did it! I summoned a real actual demon!”

“Hold on! You summoned me?!”

“Uh, yeah. To make a deal, like sell my soul for a loved one’s life and health type stuff.” She held a tight awkward grin as the small hellian before her looked her up and down. 

“Sorry sweety, souls aren’t really my arena, and I’m not even old enough to have a hell hound so I can’t really interfere with life and death.” She looked at them for a second, considering the new information.

“Well what can you do? Because I summoned a demon to sell my soul and if I read the warnings correctly you’re stuck with me until my soul is sold.” As the words came out of her mouth she realized what she was saying. A real demon, stuck with her, it was perfect. Mae’s face dropped. Stuck? On earth, with humans?! Not gonna happen.

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