Lakewood vs. COVID-19

Maggie Dineen, Lakewood News Reporter

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken the world by storm since the beginning of 2020, and is still affecting the planet today. Even in small communities the virus has changed the largest of things. In the small town of Lakewood, Ohio, the pandemic has closed down the local businesses, stores, shops, etc. And according to, in Cuyahoga County alone, there have been over 2,000 deaths from the virus. COVID has challenged daily lives for awhile now, but the strong community can work together to fight it.

The community of Lakewood is very diverse and open to others outside of it. The citizens are friendly and welcoming to ideas, opinions and activities. The city is on the left side of the political spectrum, making it different from its other suburban neighbors. Because of this, vaccinations are very important to the community. According to, about 25% of adults have gotten their COVID-19 vaccinations in Cuyahoga County as of April 8. But since it is now September, that number has definitely increased. Lakewood citizens are making sure themselves, their families, and everyone else is safe from this virus!

This global pandemic has taken a lot from the world in the past year and a half, but communities like Lakewood are what make it tolerable. People coming together to make a change in the world is what will eventually make it a better place, even during terrible times. Laughter, positivity, and optimism are all you need, and Lakewood carries all those characteristics.