Seniors become Semifinalist National Merit Scholars

Maggie Dineen, Lakewood News Reporter

In this past month of Lakewood News, two seniors have been named National Merit Semifinalists in the National Merit Scholarship Corporation Competition. The seniors, Abigail Hirsch and Caleigh Naylon, are on track to potentially win the National Merit Scholarship. Abby and Caleigh are among the top 1% of seniors and 16,000 semifinalists all across the nation. The scholarships are to be awarded in spring, where students can win from a pool of 7,500 grants, worth over $30 million. 

These results are based on student scores from the 2020-2021 school year PSAT. Last year, juniors took the test in order to qualify for the competition. Abby and Caleigh’s scores ranged from 1500-1600, where 1600 is the highest number possible. High scores such as these place them very high in academics, taking many Advanced and AP courses. Both girls also earned 5s on their AP tests from past years.

And although Abby and Caleigh qualified further into the competition, the corporation also selects two other students to recognize them as the National Merit Commended. Two other seniors, Joseph Daso and Andre Hallenburg, were chosen for this prestigious title. The National Merit Commended students will not move up in the competition, but are still recognized as some of the best in the state. 

Congratulations to our local National Merit Scholars Abby and Caleigh and our National Merit Commended Joey and Andre!