Why YOU should join a club!

Why YOU should join a club!

Molly Burke, Clubs and Organizations

Lakewood offers so many after-school clubs, activities, and organizations that can bring students together. These clubs and organizations benefit high schoolers so much; not only do they look amazing on your transcripts for college, but if getting a job is your plan, then they look good on resumes as well.

Clubs allow students to get excited to go to school; according to a study by SMU’s Simmons School of Education and Human Development “Kids who participate in structured after-school programs see improved academic performance…Not only did students’ grades improve, but the researchers noticed better attendance, as well as higher grade point averages in some cases.”

Lakewood offers a plethora of clubs ranging from H2O to get service hours to film club where you can watch movies. Clubs are a great way to make more friends and try new things. They help you gain teamwork and leadership experience and skills. Other organizations such as Art Club offer an outlet for creativity without the stress of assignments.

A great way to enjoy your after-school time would be to join a club; it would help your future while also having a good time. Kids who join after-school clubs are often pursuing a hobby, skill, or subject that they enjoy. As they get better at this activity, they might see a boost in their confidence and self-esteem.