How Optimism Can Be Beneficial to Your Health

How Optimism Can Be Beneficial to Your Health

Lalia Williams

Sometimes it feels like everything in the world is going wrong and there is not much to be happy about. The environment is unpredictable, our country is led by a tyrant, and (if you are a student), you are forced to make life decisions while being a teenager. While also trying to connect with people and deciding which ones to keep in your life. Nationwide products cost rise while income drops, and sometimes you feel like everything is against your forward progress.

While all of this happens, it sometimes seems absurd when someone tells you to “stay optimistic”. But what does optimist even mean? Optimism and pessimism usually show themselves when something goes wrong. According to research, when something bad happens, optimists are more likely to blame other factors for the mistake (“I was tired”), and to  blame things that can change over time (“I will study more next time”). Pessimists on the other hand will blame themselves, and factors that will remain constant (“I am just stupid”). Though obviously there are other ways to tell if people are more prone to happiness, this is a scientific way of looking at it that makes the most sense.

And these differences in people actually affect their bodily health. According to studies in America and Europe, optimism can help people recover faster from disease and surgery. On the other side, it was found that pessimists are more prone to chronic illness in middle age.

In conclusion, it seems that your attitude really can give benefits or harm to your health. So, it is important not to let the things that happen to you completely control you.