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    Colors Associate with Emotion


    We see color every day. Color on clothing, on the streets, on the walls, and even in a lousy basement. We see colors, but did you know that you can associate colors with emotions?

    Our emotions, sad, mad, excited, nervous, or even fear, can be associated with colors. For cool colors, we associate them with blue, purple, or even green. Those colors are associated with sadness. You can associate the color blue with sad colors. To associate a color with excitement is the warm colors of red, yellow, and orange. The color associated with nervousness is the color gray and the color associated with fear is black. 

    Each color that is associated with emotion represents how you can feel. Knowing that colors are associated with emotion can help you create a piece….if you are an artist. If you are not an artist you would probably not understand the reasoning of the colors that are associated with emotions. In our heads, we associate things that we see into colors. When we think of something, we automatically associate it with that type of color. We see color in our environment and we associate it with our emotions. 

    Association with color can depend on where we live and the culture. Colors can show what we feel. It can show how we are feeling about a specific moment of time because we associate colors in a specific time. Having a color that represents a specific memory can help you remember how you felt during that time.

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