Weight Room open to Students

Weight Room open to Students

Chloe Soneson

Starting Tuesday 9th, 2017 the Lakewood recreation facility is now open for memberships. Also students are able use the weight room from 3-6  on weekdays.

The weight room open to Lakewood High students include 4 treadmills, bikes, and lots of leg machines, weights. Students are allowed to come from 3-6 as long as they have their school ID. There will be a supervisor in the weight room during those hours.

The Community Rec includes  cardio equipment including treadmills, ellipticals, recumbent bikes, spin bikes, rowing machines, stair stepper and more! Machine weightlifting equipment including leg extension, leg curl, ab crunch, lateral pull-down, shoulder press, chin up, triceps press and more!Free Weight/Core Equipment including olympic bar weights, bench press, dumbbells, chin up/dip bars, heavy balls, kettlebells, tension bands and more! The hours are posted on Lakewood City Schools website.

Hope everyone enjoys Lakewood’s great workout rooms and new gymnasium!