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    The recent influx of sexual harassment allegations across the internet, many branded with #metoo, have had a major effect on our culture and the arts and entertainment world as seen during Sunday’s Golden Globes.

    Celebrities waltzed down the red carpet in black garments to show their support for those who suffer from sexual misconduct, while men donned pins featuring the words “Time’s Up.” Throughout the night, such as during a speech made by Oprah, many references were made to the notion that “time is up” for gender inequality and sexual assault that has frequented Hollywood and the world for the past few months. Meanwhile, the Internet was and is still being flooded with #metoo.

    Where did this “Time’s Up” movement come from? According to Time,  it was started just this year by a number of Hollywood’s leading ladies, including Reese Witherspoon, in order to put an end to sexual predators and sexual misconduct in the entertainment industry and across the world.

    Time’s Up has created a legal defense fund to help victims who may not be able to afford all the necessities that come with court proceedings. The fund currently contains $13 million, which will be donated to those who need it most. The group also plans to create legislature to prevent sexual harassment in the work environment.

    With #timesup still trending on the internet, it is clear that this movement has many supporters to keep it alive. Hopefully, this signifies the unity of women across the world and a nearer end to sexual misconduct.

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