Ditch Your “Resolutions” 2018

Ditch Your Resolutions 2018

Madyson Lewellyn

With the new years comes alot of, shall we say, optimism. We wake up in euphoria the morning of January 1st…enticed with the idea of new beginnings, a fresh start, a clean slate. Some years we do make credible change and other years we may throw in the towel as our “resolutions” dissipate within a matter of weeks. As a serial resolution maker and breaker, I have accumulated a few insights into what makes a year truly count.

Here are some tried and true ways to ensure beneficial, lasting change.

  1. Ditch Your “Resolutions.”   In 2018, forget about resolutions. There is nothing magical about January 1st that solidifies change. It lays deeper than that. This year, buy a journal. Not only does the act of writing free, but provides the element of self-reflection, documented memories, and eventual conclusions. The act of journaling sets ripples within life–providing a release and insight into the positive aspects of life.
  2. Create A Vision Board Vision boards are instrumental elements that go hand in hand with goals, dreams aspirations. They create a sacred place that displays what you actually want to bring to life. Begin by making a list of all the places you want to visit, the goals to accomplish, and the affirmations you want to follow in 2018. Next, find a picture in accordance to each. Lastly, collage all the elements together on a board and display in an area you will appreciate it the most. You are now one step closer to grasping the future you dream of by visualizing it each day.
  3. Change One Bad Habit Resolutions tend to be an uphill battle…why not change one habit at a time. If you are need for more sleep, try avoiding your phone at bedtime and pick up the habit of reading instead. If you want to work out, make a habit of at least raising your heartbeat once a day. In life, it is naturally for humans to have high expectations, but 2018…set them low. In creating lower expectations, you will be able to meet them daily–subconsciously raising them in the process.
  4. Simple Give away thing that don’t make your heart race. That sweater you haven’t worn in 3 years? Donate it. Those lingering Tupperware pieces with no lids? Toss them. Living a more minimalist life will allow more room for growth–physically and mentally. It is also important to “toss” the toxic relationships in your life. Simplify your world by surrounding yourself with an environment full of items and people who you love and hold close to the heart.
  5. Eat Intuitively Each year, various resolutions are centered around losing weight. End the constant uphill battle of you against your body. Wanting to feel confident within your own skin is a goal to strive for, but attain it with an intuitive approach. Choose to visualize food as fuel that will nourish your cells–honoring hunger and being mindful with consumption.