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    It’s on YOU… Finally


    Hey kid, it’s on you…

    You’ve probably heard that a lot lately, in one form or another from friends, family, teachers etc. At this point you are most likely tired of hearing it, would rather not think about  it, whatever they are referring to and are starting to resent or take it as a threat. In some cases, scenarios, situations, it fits, lets face it. But what if you looked at differently?

    At this point in your timeline, you have had people making decisions for you, with or without your input, maybe in your best interest, maybe not. In many cases where you are right now it’s because people, that are not you, we’ll call them “those people”, made decisions for you to get you here. That’s generally how things work,it’s something you have to get used to, or over, depending on how you look at it.

    Moving forward, it’s on you, not those people, you. That can be looked at in any number of ways and, because of all your preparation thus far, thats a good thing. You don’t have to take it as an ultimatum, a condemnation or a negative response, you can see it as a positive idea. It’s not a blame thing.

    Whenever we make decisions we usually look at all the pertinent facts, think about them, understand how it all works (or doesn’t work) together, then decide what to do, and do it. You have the ability to do this, at any time.You may not be great at it at first, It takes time. Remember the first few times you tried to open your locker? It takes repetition to gain this skill, give yourself some time to get good at it, it doesn’t happen overnight. Your education gives you the ability to sort and classify the pertinent facts.

    The world is saying to you: “So now that you are ready, call the ball, what’s the next play, which way should we go….LET’S GO SIRI….WHICH WAY SHOULD WE TURN …ITS ON YOU ???”

    World…you need to chill.

    While the world is chilling, get ready to make a decision with the following things in mind, in no particular order, then make the call.

    • Don’t look at your next steps as your FINAL steps, by no means is your next decision your last decision, not by a long shot.
    • Doing nothing is not a decision, it creates an opportunity for other people to make all, and I do mean all, your decisions, is that what you want?
    • Others will give you a timeline, which you have to make decisions in within that timeline, like it or not, you are part of it, that’s OK.
    • The next steps you will take will definitely have an influence on what happens overall, but not forever, your future is fluid and a moving target, think small definitive steps.
    • Ask others you respect what their thoughts are, not what you should do, remember that’s your call. Just get a variety of opinions that you can sort through and take out what’s good. You should be able to do that “cuz you been edumacated”

    It’s time to make some decisions, you’ve got this ,it’s on you, what a RELIEF!



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