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    Lakewood Project January Concert


    As the second semester comes to a start, there are many exciting events happening at Lakewood High School. One of which being the Lakewood Project (LP) concert this Saturday, January 20. If you are one of the few people who has not heard of LP, it is a rock orchestra, consisting of a front line of electric stringed instruments, an acoustic section of regular stringed instruments, and a rhythm section, which is like a transitional rock band, with drums, guitar, bass, and keyboards. LP gives students a unique opportunity to learn music they traditionally would not learn in an orchestra program, with musicians they would not normally play with.

    But enough of what you probably already know—the theme for this concert is ‘The Legacy of The Beatles.’ LP is playing two sets, one consisting of the most popular Beatles songs, such as ‘Yellow Submarine’, ‘All you Need is Love’, ‘Help’. This set is also going to be featuring the guest star, Hard Days Night, a Beatles cover band from Cleveland.

    The next set will be exclusively LP, as they dive into the artist inspired by The Beatles, and their span of influence is wide. From Pink Floyd, to The Beach Boys, to Lynyrd Skynyrd, to Yes!, there set is for sure to be sure of songs to get you off your feet and into the pit, because like every other LP concert it is like a rock concert, so we encourage the audience to get up and dance with the group.

    So mark it on your calendar, pre-order tickets by calling the number on the poster, and we hope to see you there!

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