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    H2O’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service

    H2Os Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service

    Martin Luther King Jr. Day is known for most people as a day off from work or school, but that doesn’t apply to the individuals who set out to make the world a better place, just as MLK did, through a day of service.

    About 40 students, mainly from Lakewood High and Saint Joseph Academy, as well as adult volunteers gathered at the Women’s Pavilion at Lakewood Park between 9 and 10 in the morning to be transported to different service sites in the Cleveland area, or directly at sites around Lakewood.

    Service locations included Ronald McDonald House, where participants cooked a breakfast for residents who are in Cleveland for their family’s medical needs; My Best Friend’s Bowl, where students packaged dog and cat food for people in need; GiGi’s Playhouse, a Down Syndrome Achievement Center where volunteers helped to build shelves and organized; Crestmont Nursing Home, where games were played with senior citizens; The Cleveland Kids’ Book Bank, where books were sorted for children who need them; a donation drive, for the Cleveland Animal Protection League; and the pavilion itself to work on crafts that would be donated.

    After everyone returned from their service sites, a lunch was served, complete with cupcakes for dessert. Each group then briefly gave a summary of what they did that day, and the Lakewood High Race and Diversity Club (RAD) discussed MLK and his promotion of peace, as well as how we can promote peace in our lives.

    Altogether, each student in attendance gained between four and five service hours to put on their resumes, and, even better, the satisfaction and experience of helping local citizens. Even if you did not attend, you still have the chance to bring aid to others- stop by the H2O office by the cafeteria for plenty of opportunities to do so!


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