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    Nosey’s Law of New Jersey


    On one of his last days as governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie refused to sign into effect a law that had passed unanimously by the State Senate, according to the Humane Society. This law, called Nosey’s Law would have outlawed the abuse and use of exotic animals, including those used for circus purposes. New Jersey would have been the first state to enact such a law.

    Peta reports that Nosey’s Law must go through the entire law-making process during the upcoming legislative term if activists hope to place it on the new governor’s desk.

    Nosey’s Law is named after a traveling circus elephant, whose owners, the Liebel family, have shackled her and shuttled her around the country in a tiny trailer, failing to treat her extreme arthritis and joint disease. Nosey actually appeared at a flea market in Ohio in summer 2017. In November 2017, Mr. and Mrs. Liebel were arrested on charges of animal cruelty, and Nosey and their ponies were taken from them.

    Though their ponies were returned, Nosey has been placed in the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, where retired and formerly abused elephants often go to be taken care of if their owners have been arrested. However, Judge Angela Terry must still decide whether or not she will remain there or be returned to her owners, a decision that could take months according to the Facebook page Save Nosey the Elephant.

    Next month, there will be a hearing regarding the Liebel’s charges and arrest.

    Clearly, Mr. Christie failed to recognize the reality that many elephants must face, including Nosey. We must hope that this law is passed in the future, and that Nosey will remain in the Elephant Sanctuary where she deserves to be.


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