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    Man’s Best Friend or Your Worst Nightmare?


    There has been a recent Super Bowl commercial released that says “Do not adopt a pitbull” (link for video at the bottom of the article). This video states that “75% of the people who were mauled in 2017 were mauled by one breed.” The commercial states that 29 Americans were killed in 2017 due to being mulled by pitbulls. Is it actually the breed that is dangerous or should the blame be placed on the people whom raised these dogs?

    The type of owners these dogs, or any dogs in that manner, have will shape the dog to be loving, kind, vicious, or scared. Many “tougher looking” dogs are normally raised as fighting dogs, this is very common for breeds especially pitbulls. There are many breeds of dogs that are similar looking to pitbulls because of their block headed feature. The majority of them are classified as pitbulls. These dogs may have been mistreated by their irresponsible owners and the dogs only know that type of behavior. It is against the law in many states, including Ohio, to encourage animal fighting.

    I believe that all animals have the ability to be trained even after they been abused or abandoned. After animals are abused or abandoned the animal is scared or acts vicious. In Ohio it is against the law to abandon a dog, a cat, or other domestic animals (959.01), which has been in effect since 1953. Sadly, this law however does not stop people from abandoning their pets.


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