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    Eyelash Extentions: Beware


    Each morning, millions of women apply gobs of mascara to achieve healthier, thicker, longer eyelashes. But constant application–day after day–can begin to weaken the natural lash and cause damage such as eyelash loss over time. 2018 has revolved around the hottest trend that allows relief from daily mascara application–waking up with ensuring an effortless Bambi eye look each day.

    The application is certainly a luxury with prices ranging from $200-$400 for a full set that has to be filled every few weeks (an extra $50.) The experience is quite long–laying down in a bed for an hour and a half while a technician attaches little feathery nothings onto your lashes. Once you open your eyes…you suddenly have the ultimate cosmic cheat code. Whether you have just woken up, exercised for an hour, gone for a swim, or harrowing the 24 hour stomach flu–you’ll be delighted how your eyes pop through it all.

    Recently, Optometrists are seeing an increasing number of clients suffering serious injuries such as chemical burns and infections as a result of the surging popularity.

    Optometry Australian chief optometrist, Luke Arundel, states there has been an explosive amount of serious injuries. “We’ve had reports around Australia with irritation, inflammation, allergic reactions, injuries from the tweezers themselves, and more serious things like permanent loss of eyelashes,” states Arundel.

    Most medical concerns associated with eyelash extensions can be eliminated simply by the care and keeping of the lashes. To preserve your extensions, keep them clean and gently detangle them with a pristine mascara wand or stoolie brush each day. Wear eye make up, but climate ALL oil based products that will break down the adhesive.

    As for mascara…you wont need it for now!

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