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    Are American occupational forces still needed in Europe?


    World War Two was a war that shattered the lives of millions and killed an estimated 24,000,000 soldiers and an estimated total of 73,000,00 dead all together. The war was catastrophic on all levels and on both sides.

    There is also the undeniable amount of violations of the Geneva conventions committed by both the Allied and the Axis powers during the second world war. Now, 70 years later, every single country is still feeling the amount of pressure from the second world war. Now the people who are feeling the burden are the American tax payer and the men deployed oversees.

    After the End of world war two the average German and Japanese soldier were blamed solely for the war by civilians and have had a blind eye turned on to the atrocities they had to go through after the war had ended. But to add insult to injury, 70 years later these same countries we consider our closest allies, we still do not trust them with defending their own people.

    This incredible amount of distrust of the European and Japanese people 70 years after the war ending is disgusting. Germany has an economy that is competing with United States on a global scale and they still aren’t allowed to defend themselves. It is clear the bias the American and British people have against the German and Japanese people, but are we willing to allow them to defend and protect themselves, politicians for the last 20 or so years have said no.

    Unification of Germany and an economic powerhouse and still the American Government has to continue to keep intruding into the German people’s business.  The rapid decline of the Deutsche Bundeswehr and making the German people dependent of the American Army is just another way of America insulting the German people and suppressing the true German might.

    America doesn’t need to be in Germany, it’s scared the Germans will become efficient again

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