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    Kentucky School Shooting Is Nation’s 11th of Year

    Kentucky School Shooting Is Nations 11th of Year

    A small school in Benton, Kentucky was stuck with horror as a 15-year-old  gunman opened fire Tuesday morning–killing two students and injuring eighteen others. The shooter killed Bailey Holt and Preston Cope, both 15, and will be charged with two counts of murder and eighteen counts of assault.

    The victims father, Brian Cope, knew his son was in danger when he spotted Preston’s socks in an ambulance as he and his wife, Teresa, reached the chaotic scene at the school. The couple arrived not long before their son, sprawled on a stretcher with a head wound, was pronounced dead on the way to a Nashville hospital.

    “Just senseless. It was just senseless,” Brian Cope tells the Courtier-Journal.

    During the moments of the shooting, Bailey Holt’s phone rang incessantly. but there was no answer. Finally, Holt called her mother back–one of the last acts of her young life.

    “She called me…and all I could hear was voice and chaos in the background,” her mother Secret Holt told CNN. “She couldn’t say anything, I tried calling her name over and over…but she never responded.”

    Authorities have not named the suspect because he is a juvenile. The motives still remain unknown, but he is likely to be charged as an adult in court on February 13th.

    A larger portrait of violence is being depicted in 2018–already reaching 11 school shootings within the first 23 days. The numbers break down to amount in a school shooting nearly every other day.

    The intersection of guns, teens, and shooting reflects upon the ongoing story line of the American dystopian violence…we, as a nation, have become immune to the power of guns and the death created.



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