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    The Man of the Woods


    Justin Timberlake has recently brought “sexy back” with his newest album Man of the Woods. We were first introduced to his album with the release of his first single “Filthy.” Just recently the NSYNC lead singer released the second song of the album “Supplies.” In a few days, JT will release his third song of the album “Say Something” featuring Chris Stapleton.

    Timberlake has said that his album “is really inspired by my son, my wife, my family, but more so than any album I’ve written-where I’m from.” As the album title-Man of the Woods-suggests, Timberlake means to bring out his background to his audience like never before. Although the album title sounds more country, his two songs “Filthy” and “Supplies” have so far been the iconic pop and rock that Justin Timberlake is best known for.

    Justin Timberlake will be performing in NFL’s Super Bowl LII Halftime Show. Rumors have been spread that there could be a possible NSYNC reunion with Lance Bass, JC Chasez, Joey Fatone, and Chris Kirkpatrick during the show. However, Joey Fatone recently disregarded these rumors when TMZ had asked him, so these rumors of the band getting back together is all just a dream.

    On March 31, Timberlake will be coming to Cleveland at the Quicken Loans Arena for his The Man of the Woods tour. Tickets as of now range from $100 to $200 (depending on the seats). WKYC gave a chance to win front row and VIP tickets through a trivia quiz on the singer following a raffle to draw five winners, but the promotion unfortunately has ended already.

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