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    Nassar sentenced


    “I just signed your death warrant,” Judge Annemarie Aquilina said to Larry Nassar, after he was sentenced 40-175 years for his abuses against young Olympians on the American Gymnastics team.

    In his written confession he said that his actions were solely medical, and that nothing he did the to the young women had a sexual skew. He even went on to say, “I was a good doctor.”

    Though when Judge Aquilina asked if he he was guilty, and he was silent. He then told her that he stood by his plea.

    He had 154 women, spanning several counties, including Ingham (where Aquilina is a circuit judge) and Eaton. He has yet to stand trial in Eaton, and could expect more years on his sentence.

    His current sentencing is 60 years in a federal prison for his possession of “37,000 images of child pornography” plus 40-175 years in a state prison. His first chance of parole, for this 54-year-old man, will be in 2117. It is safe to that indeed these judges that sentenced him signed his death warrant and that he will never see the light of freedom again.

    Though he only was sentenced to 10 first-degree counts of sexual assault, over a hundred and fifty young girls, women, and their parents spoke up either physically in the courtroom or direct statements sent to the judge to be read.

    What is, arguably, the most frustrating part if the fact that Nassar has had allegations against him for well over a decade and is now just being charged. One can wonder if he had been addressed as swiftly years ago just how many girls would have escaped his “treatments.”

    Before his sentencing he addressed his victims, at time looking women directly in the eyes. Your words over these past several days have had a significant effect on myself and have shaken me to my core,” he said, verging on tears and at times sobbing. He evoked no pity as some of the girls reportedly groaned during his statement. “I will carry your words with me for the rest of my days.”

    And for the rest of their days, his victims will carry their trauma. With only their support system and the knowledge that their abuser will die in prisoner to soothe them.

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