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    School Board Property in the Process of Being Sold


    At the January 22nd Lakewood City Schools board meeting, it was announced that the Board of Education properties are in agreement to be purchased by Liberty Development Company.

    After the staff of McKinley Elementary moved into the newly renovated Horace Mann Building, the School Board looked to sell the property. The eventual buyers, Liberty Development Company, is the same company that is now purchasing the properties on Warren Road. After they purchased the West Clifton property, Liberty tore down the 100-year old school and built new condominiums throughout the vast property. The new condominiums at McKinley Place sell for over three-hundred thousand.

    After the success of the McKinley Place development, Liberty CEO Tom Kuluris is looking forward to another project in Lakewood: “We are very proud and honored to be selected… and are very excited to bring this property to its next life.”

    Per sales agreements, Liberty will most likely preserve the old recreation department headquarters, also known as the East Rockport Central School Building. Liberty plans to convert the East Rockport Central School Building into office space, allowing the property to be used for many years to come. This is a welcome sight as the old school is a very dated building.

    The other building on the property at 1470 Warren Road will also be renovated, and the Board of Education will most likely stay there after the renovations on a lease agreement with Liberty Development Company. By signing a lease with Liberty, the board is going to be able to stay in the middle of Lakewood, which is a very accessible spot in Lakewood for all residents.


    Information from this article was taken from a Lakewood Observer Article, “” written by Christine Gordillo.

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