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    WAKE UP!

    WAKE UP!

    Sleep — the downfall of the human race. To many it can be agreed upon that the relationship they have with the snooze button is beyond abusive. That could all change today though and the question is are you willing to give up the relationship you so adore with that snooze button. If so here are 5 devices to help you get out of bed in the morning and leave the snooze button a thing of the past.

    1. Ruggie

    Ruggie is a mat you put next to your bed to shut the alarm off you must stand on it for 5 seconds and even can go up to 30 seconds if getting up is truly that hard for you.

    2.  Clocky

    Clocky is an alarm clock with wheels that allows you to hit the snooze one time. Once that first snooze ends, Clocky will rev himself up and drive off your  nightstand and the only way to shut him off is to get up out of bed and chase him.

    1. Wacky Wake Up

    If you sleep through your alarm then maybe an alarm clock not just beeping but yelling at you will get you up. Along with that it can say these phrases in different accents so maybe one of them can trigger you to get up. Did I mention it vibrates to the point of shaking your bed?

    1. Philips Wake-up Light

    Philips Wake-up Light is an artificial sunrise to get you up in the morning. The point of it is to get you body to produce less melatonin so your body naturally wakes itself up. The sunrise can be set from 20-40 minutes and even can be used as a sunset at night.

    1. Pavlock

    If you are someone looking for a self trainer along with an alarm clock ten Pavlock is the one for you. Pavlock is a wrist shocker to help you break your bad habits and sleeping in may be one of them so why not give it a try.

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