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    Lakewood Woman Opens All Gluten Free Bakery


    Laura Marconi of Lakewood, single handedly opened Bouche Gluten Free Bakery, and all gluten free facility. With the bakery being open just over a year and being located right in the heart of Lakewood on detroit, its been a huge success among the Lakewood community.

    Bouche Bakery does not just sell sweets! Laura’s best selling item is actually the pepperoni roll. Laura also makes pasta and breads! Some popular items include cinnamon rolls, lemon cupcakes and pizza! Pricing at the all gluten free establishment is not too costly. Cinnamon rolls are $5 each and the popular pepperoni roll is rated at $17 a roll and just $5 a slice, so you can’t really not beat that.

    When customers asked Laura if her products are safe for people with Celiac Disease, her response was that there is no risk of cross contamination between gluten free products and non gluten free products. All of her ingredients are verified gluten free, so there’s no need to worry.

    When Laura was asked what her biggest tip to master gluten free baking, her response was, “Experiment. A lot.” She says gluten free baking is a very difficult task and even though you do everything right and follow recipe, it still just might not turn out.

    Bouche Gluten Free Bakery is closed on Monday through Friday and opens again on Saturday and Sunday. Hours on Saturday range from 9 am to 3 pm. Hours on Sunday range from 10 am to 3 pm.

    Next time you’ve run out of new places to try, head over to Bouche Gluten Free Bakery.




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