Swim Conferences

Swim Conferences

Lalia Williams

The Lakewood High School swim team has been practicing since early November, with meets against individual conference teams every Tuesday. More recently, dual meets have ended (the last one having been on January 16th). Now that we are reaching the end of the swim season (especially for less serious swimmers), the meets we do have include multiple schools and are far apart. This past Saturday, the swimmers competed in the first of these meets in our conference championship meet against eight different schools.

The Rangers scored many point during the meet and claimed many individual medals. The boys competed in the morning, and girls in the afternoon. Senior Luke Healy placed fourth in the 200 freestyle, as well  as 5th place in the 500 free. Senior Colman McGuan took 5th place in the 200 IM and 3rd in the 100 breaststroke. As far as relays go, the team scored 4th place in the 200 free and 6th place in the 400 free.

The girl’s team raced in the afternoon, with the meet starting at 3:30 pm. Freshman Sistina Simcox won first place in the 100 freestyle (as well as second in the 200 freestyle), and freshman Ethel Woodford claimed 6th place. Senior Maggie McHugh won FIRST place in both the 50 freestyle and the 100 butterfly (for the second year in a row). Relays were also successful, as we took 2nd place in the 200 free and 5th place in the 400 free.

The team finished in 5th place overall.

Looking ahead, the next level of competition will be at Sectionals, on February 10th. We should have a fair amount of swimmers competing in this meet, which will be held all day long at CSU, with boys and girls competing on the same level. Districts will be held a few weeks after, where only the fastest swimmers on our team will compete. States is a level of swimming that we might not be lucky enough to advance to this year, but it has still been a very good year for the team.

And there’s always next year!