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    Movie Pass: How It’s Possible to See all the Movies You Want For $10 a Month


    In the midst of award season, many of us are trying to catch up on the latest movies. Either the drama filled “The Post”, or the bombastic music numbers of “The Greatest Showman”, many are trying to cram into theaters as fast as they can. But recently, a modern trend has come up in a company called Movie Pass, which might change the way we see movies forever—giving you access to all the movies you want for only $9.95 per month.

    The Company is named Movie Pass, started in 2011, provides a service where people can see as one movie per day for a flat price. The problem was, this could go from $20-50 a month, till last August, where the price was lowered to the famous price $9.95 a month. This caused the company to explode, with 1.5 million users already using the service, and the company commanding 1/35 of the movie tickets sold in the United States. So how does the company do this for so cheap?

    An average movie ticket in the United States floats around $9. So if you could see one a day, with 30 days in a month, some of the math is not adding up on a profit being created on the behalf on Movie Pass. So how do they turn a profit?

    Simple, they sell user information to third-party companies.

    Now this sounds a lot worse than it probably actually is, but something seems little shady here, to say the least. Mitch Lowe, the current CEO of Movie Pass, says, “Our service is really low because we are going to use our understanding of you as a customer to be able to give you relevant suggestions that you might find valuable in your life. We might say there’s a great restaurant across the street from the movie. If you go over there and show them your card, you’re going to get a free appetizer,” a much more flattering way to say the same thing, ending by saying, “You know we’re going to give you an amazing deal. But we’re also going to use that data too to make money off of things that we think you’ll love to buy.”

    So while this service way seem an amazingly economical way to see movies, maybe everything is not what is seems to be on the screen, and one must look behind to see the actual truth.

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