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    Cuckolding: The CNN Slip-Up


    Recently, CNN published an article, entitled, “Cuckolding can be positives for some couples.” No, seriously. CNN defending cuckolding, claiming it to be a positive thing.

    Cuckolding is a sexual preference on submissive men (and much less often, woman) who prefer (or allow) their significant other to cheat on them while they watch. But don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with any thing people like sexually, they can’t control that. The problem is with the recent CNN article is that many far conservative use cuckolding and the word cuck to describe liberal men often, saying there are sensitive and submissive. So it is shocking CNN didn’t see the comedy in the accused liberal new source post an article on why being a cuck is so good.

    The article itself, which is not terrible, focuses on a recent study done by David Ley, Justin Lehmiller, and Dan Savage (A notoriously loud left activist), that found the practice of cuckolding could strength a relationship, building trust between the couple. It talks about the history of cuckolding, and the results of the study, finding that shockingly 58% of men and about a third of women had fantasized about cuckolding. The article does get little ridiculous at the end, telling couples how they could be getting into the wonderful world of cuckolding, saying, “it’s important there be honesty, integrity, communication, mutuality and shared values…I’ve seen men who try to trick their wives into cuckolding them, and this never, ever ends up well.” Yeah, I assume not.

    The result of the ridiculous article has been quite the social media out roar, and I will leave you with these tweets.

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