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    Princess Diana Conspiracy


    Nearly 20 years ago, Diana, Princess of  Wales died in a fatal car crash and the effects were felt all across the globe. But as the years continue to number…we question if the Princess was killed or in fact, murdered. The conspiracies live on–refusing to die.

    In 1981, 20 year old Diana Spencer walked down the isle with her 25 foot train to marry her 32 year old prince–destined to one day become queen. 750 million people watched as the fresh-faced Princess said “I do.” But a fairy tale, it was not. The marriage was doomed from the start as public would soon find out that Prince Charles heart was tied up with another woman: Camilla Shroud, a woman he fell in love with a decade prior. She wasn’t “adequate” enough for the throne and lacked an aristocratic bloodline despite his feelings.

    Along came Diana-beautiful and fabulously royal. The couple famously saw each other a dozen times before marrying. The first few years were stable. But once Prince Harry (now 32) and Prince William (35) were born, Charles rekindled his affair with Camilla. Shortly after Diana began a five year affair with her riding instructor.

    In 1995, BBC jounrlaist Matt Bashir asked the Princess if she believed that Camilla contributed to the divorce she stated, “Well there were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded.”

    For some, what happened on the night of August 31st in 1997 was no tragic accident. Investigators and experts have speculated for two decades that the events that unfolded were intentional with secretive traces to the Prince himself.

    At the time, it was no secret that the royal family had shunned Diana…but this did not keep her from the spotlight. Her relationships with Muslim men were not accepted by the family and may have even lead to her death.

    The biggest conspiracy is that Diana was pregnant with her Muslim lover at the time, Dotti Fayed. According to Fayed, she was killed because she had become pregnant with his son’s child. Mr. Fayed stated the royal family “could not accept that an Egyptian Muslim could eventually be the stepfather of the future King of England.” So the plot was created to kill her off.

    Prior to her death, Diana clearly has concerns about her safety: that much is no conspiracy. She expresses her suspiciousness in a letter disclosed to a  former butler for safe keeping. The letter stated, ” This particular phase in my life is the most dangerous. […] is planning ‘an accident’ in my car, brake failure and serious head injury in order to make the path clear for Charles to marry.”

    Since her death Prince Charles has married Camilla.

    Two decades later and we still continue to unwind the true events of Princess Diana’s tragic death…or murder.


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