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    US to Hold Military Parade


    For the first time in 30 years, the United States plans to hold a military parade, according to the New York Times. The idea is the brainchild of none other than President Donald Trump.

    Trump wished for a similar demonstration of American force at his inauguration, but the idea was not welcome. However, his interest in the concept grew after attending France’s Bastille-day parade.

    The President hopes to have the parade sometime this year, though the exact date is unknown. Veterans Day and Memorial Day are both possible options, suggests the NYT.

    Such shows were more popular during the World Wars, says CNN, but there has not been one since 1991. This was in celebration of the end of a gulf-war, and cost the US $12 million. Similar costs are likely to accumulate from a present-day parade.

    Although President Trump is excited about this endeavor, the same cannot be said for many others.

    According to the Huffington Post, former Army Civil Affairs officer, Benjamin Lee, says of the weapons that would be on display that none “were designed to be moved through… civilian streets for giggles.”

    “The only people who like this stuff are the VIPs… Everybody hates life preparing and executing these dog-and-pony shows,” adds an anonymous Army veteran. Luke Thomas, a Marine Corps veteran, has similar sentiments and believes that a military parade would be ridiculous.

    “Trump still doesn’t have the faintest idea of what meaningful patriotism looks like,” he says. “It’s why we’re having this inane debate over athletes kneeling before a football game. Turning service members into props is reprehensible on its own, and even more enraging when it comes from a man who paraded his own disdain for military service.”

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