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    History of Valentine’s Day


    As Valentine’s Day arrives, a plague to some and blessing to others, the origins of the day are rarely questioned. Where did this Hallmark holiday appear from and is it worth celebrating? Absolutely.

    The earliest known origins of this holiday are mostly attributed to the Roman priest, Saint Valentine, who was said to illegally marry couples (which was banned by the Emperor during this time), heal the sick and practice Christianity against the pagan law of the land. With any rumor, there’s a grain of truth so we accept the uncertainty of not knowing what exactly went on with Saint Valentine. All we know is that Valentine was executed, and it’s nice to think he went out in love. The other origins of Valentine’s Day were a pagan tradition that goes on every year February 13-15, Lupercalia, that paired men and women off–slapping women with sacrificed hide of goats and dogs to make them more “fertile”. Weird, I know, but this may have been the origin of the February day for Valentine’s.

    All guesses aside, we now have a day of love every February 14th which brings in serious commercial traffic and an economic boost. This holiday, however, isn’t all about getting laid or helping capitalist companies stay afloat (well, it is, but there’s more to it) but rather about celebrating the love we have for our friends, family and significant others. A day focusing on love does not have to specifically target a boyfriend or girlfriend–so if you’re feeling down this Valentine’s Day, know that your love is appreciated in all other areas of your life. Don’t let a day made for peace, love and positivity get you down because you don’t have anyone to smooch, neither do we! That’s the best part of Valentine’s Day–spending it with friends who would stick around longer and for more than the average boyfriend or girlfriend.

    Overall, Valentine’s Day had some odd beginnings and grew into a capitalist beast, but that doesn’t mean you can’t show the special people in your life some love. Any holiday is a good one, so make it good.

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