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    Your (Single) Valentine’s Day


    No Valentine? No problem.

    Over the years, Valentine’s day has morphed into a day assimilated with heart shaped chocolates, expensive gifts, and having a lavish dinner with that someone special. For those in love, V-day is the perfect excuse to reflect on your relationship and embrace the emotion. However, if you find yourself alone on February 14th–you might view the holiday a bit differently. But just because it is not being spent with someone special does not mean the day cant not be special within itself. After all…we have ourselves to be in love with!

    Listed below are a few things to do if you are looking to show yourself fa little love this Valentine’s Day…

    1. Grab a fancy drink at your favorite coffee shop. Have a few extra minutes to spare? Swing by a coffee shop and treat yourself to your favorite latte or maybe a hot chocolate to soothe your V-day sweet tooth.
    2. Celebrate “Galentine’s Day” with  friends. Who is to say Valentine’s day is only for those in love? Not in 2018! Make plans to celebrate with your friends to spend time together. Reminisce old memories or create new ones by spending time together this February 14th.
    3. Try a new dinner recipe! Or cut your losses and order a heart shaped pizza (romantic)
    4. Run a warm bath & Apply facemask. Show your body and skin some love! V-day is the perfect excuse to relax, pamper, and unwind with time for yourself.
    5. Do whatever you want. You deserve to be happy with or without a partner. That being said…do whatever brings you joy! Call a loved one, take a brisk walk, binge watch Netflix, take a yoga class, or just reflect on all the wonderful things in your life!

    May your Valentines (or Galentine’s) Day be full of love and warmth with the ones you love. <3


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