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    Texas Massacre


    A formerly expelled Parkland, Florida student opened fire at his old high school, killing seventeen and injuring countless others–on ash Wednesday.

    19-year-old Nikolas Cruz was charged with seventeen counts of premeditated murder. Cruz pulled the fire alarm, unaware that the school had done a fire drill earlier that day and as students and teachers flooded out the doors of Stoneman Douglas high school, Cruz opened fire. Equipped with a legally purchased AR-15, rounds of ammunition, a gas mask and smoke grenades, Cruz created one of the most fatal high school massacres. Cruz shot into unlocked classrooms and killed the football coach, Aaron Feis, who shielded students from the gunfire.

    While his motives are unknown, some may suspect Cruz killed classmates because of his previous expulsion or bullying that might’ve ensued. Either way, an arms dealer legally sold him an AR-15, sold a mentally unfit Nikolas Cruz a weapon of death.

    Ranking number 4 on the deadliest high school shootings of all time and certainly the deadliest of 2018 so far, one can’t help but question the gun laws in place. Do we love our guns more than we love our children and their livelihood? Or is it not that deep? It is that deep, Jeff. Innocent students are dying, dying on Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s Day. Days of love and worship will now be anniversaries of death for 17 families. This has got to stop.

    Unidentified student bodies are still in the building and school has been called off for the rest of the week. Parents have been frantically searching to make contact with their children, but the panic has set in that their babies might not be coming home.

    More details soon.

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