Behind Lakewood March

Behind Lakewood March

Sam Stone

The Parkland School shooting marks one of the first shootings where the survivors, a group of students, to be so outspoken. There exists rage and a sense of “it’s only us for us” among students nationally as lawmakers say there is “nothing to be done.”


Following the impromptu march on February 21st, one is left wondering it coming about and what comes next for Lakewood High School. The approach was loud, the group walking the school grounds chanting and carrying signs. It drew news outlets


So far there are two accounts dedicated for getting students of LHS to march. One is on Instagram under: lhs_march_14_and_april_20 and a Twitter under: Lakewood High School Walkout.


They collaborate and it is not known to be one or more persons. Though through other sources it has been confirmed that this is a small group working to organize participation in the national marches and the march that occurred this past Wednesday. And that group also being those who have posted sticky notes and signs that have been taken down by other students.


The Wednesday march drew 75 consistent participants and has gotten a part of the happening now hashtag on wkyc and an attempted interview for Associated Press.


The Instagram admin, going by the alias of Voice agreed to a direct message interview and had the following to say on the matters.


First, when asked about if this matter was anything personal on the matter, Voice commented: “there is. My life was threatened and the school did very little. It was terrifying, not knowing if I would die the next day. No one should go through that.” They were regarding the several incidents during the 2016-2017 school year where there were threats of mass shooting or target attacks done in graffiti on walls in the school. One being a list of names, or rather targets.


Voice spoke how the draw to action came from not wanting such tragedy to plague Lakewood as it did in Parkland, citing that these incidents in school have drawn too many deaths and that Voice “doesn’t want someone they love to be next.” Though it is not known if they are the front man of the march that occurred or the founder of this attempt.