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    Florida’s New Gun Bill


    On Wednesday, March 7, Florida lawmakers passed a new gun control bill, according to the New York Times. Although it does not include all restrictions that activists have been vying for, it will be the first of such laws passed by the state in 20 years if it is signed into action by the governor.

    Much to the delight of many Democrats, the bill includes raising the minimum age of purchasing guns to 21 and will make necessary a waiting period of three days after buying a firearm, reports CNN. In addition, if passed, it will prohibit bump fire stocks and allow law officers to remove weapons from those who are mentally unstable. Not to mention, increased funding will be sent to schools to help students handle mental issues and will more heavily prevent the mentally unfit from purchasing guns in the first place.

    Florida’s bill will also allow school teachers and other employees to carry weapons, a controversial issue that President Donald Trump recently suggested. This would be made possible by a $67 million program that would fund training and arming of certain school workers. It is likely that more money would also go into putting security guards into such institutions, another measure proposed in the bill.

    For many, the bill will not do enough if put into action. For instance, it would not ban assault weapons, temporarily end AR-15 sales, or expand background checks if put into place.

    Overall, the bill will be seen as a step forward for most Democrats and the students who have been protesting the country’s gun violence, and a partial step backwards for the N.R.A. and Republican Party. Over the next few days, we will see how the issue pans out and which side will be the most satisfied.


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