New York: Planned kill on Neighbor

New York: Planned kill on Neighbor

Chloe Soneson

Former bus driver Joel Rosquette was angry as his neighbors in New York. He claimed the people across the hall were selling drugs, partying all the time, and rented out rooms to outsiders.

Other neighbor have complained to the superintendent but Joel said he’d not done much to solve it. So Rosquette came up with a plan himself: Hire a hit man himself to kill the superintendent to solve his problems with his neighbor.

The colleague he chose ended up being a FBI agent, who had been recording their conversations since June last year. When he first came up with the plan he wanted him to be dead by November.

“Other tenants in the apartment have been trying to shut it down, have them evicted or get rid of the super, nothing,” Joel told his colleague.

FBI agent responds saying “So if we get rid of the super, everything is calm and their won’t be anymore crazy parties, then get a new super.” Joel was asked “Are you 100% about this?” He responded with an exciting “YES!”

Rosette not knowing he contacted an undercover hitman. They all met up and exchanged texts and calls. Some of the conversations were recorded by the FBI agent.

After sinking long and heard Joel has changed his mind about killing the super and would rather kill the neighbor.

He lost his job a few weeks before the kill was supposed to happen so he did have the money although he came up with a plan. He decided he was going to rob a gas station that these neighbors worked at.

This past Tuesday Rosquette was arrested, after meeting up again with the FBI agent handing him the money because ‘the job was done’. He was charger with three counts of murder-for-hire in Manhattan Federal Court. If he’s found guilt he can serve up to 30 years in prison.