Watching all the Marvel Movies in Chronological Order


Jared Dubber

Avengers: Infinity War comes out the 27 of April, causing many fans to be excited about all their favorite Marvel superheroes coming together at last in one big battle to save not just earth, but the entire universe itself. While this movie has an extended back story, with thousands of comics, TV shows, and other forms of media to its name, the main cannon comes from the past movies in the Marvel cinematic universe (MCU). In preparation, some fans are taking on the daunting task of watch all the previous MCU movies, nineteen in all. While you can watch it in order of release date, starting with Iron Man (2008), I personable believe in watching them in chronological order, getting all the crucial back story you can. While some places get a little sketchy on when the story takes place, this is the best list the internet can provide. So here is, all 19 marvel films in chronological order, making a marathon lasting one day, nine hours, and fifty-two minutes.

  1. Captain America— Set in World War II, Captain America was truly the “first avenger” starting the series off with the story of Steve Rogers, a wimpy WWII soldier, who goes through genetic changing, and becomes Captain America, who must fight the Nazi forces to keep America free.
  2. Iron Man— Skipping forward a few years, Iron gives us a glimpse of billionaire playboy Tony Stark, who when is abducted by terrorists, must save himself using his own knowledge, building the first iron man suit. At the end of this movie, a mysterious man named Nick Furry brings up an idea of a super group, the Avengers.
  3. The Incredible Hulk— Being quite the odd one out, Hulk is the back story of the big green monster/scientist who undergoes gamma radiation and become the hulk when angry. The only problem is the actor playing him changes between his solo film and The avengers, making the Hulk movie quite the stepchild in the list.
  4. Iron Man 2— Due to popularity, the snobby hero is back. Occurring at the same time as The Hulk solo movie, the story of iron man continues.
  5. Thor— With almost the entire crew assembled, only one her was left, the King of Asgard. Thor got his solo movie, establish him and his villainous brother, Loki.
  6. The Avengers— The big end of phase one of the MCU movies, The Avengers combined all the previous characters, facing off against the previously mentioned Loki.
  7. Iron Man 3— The last of the Iron Man solo films, shows six months after the events of The Avengers, where Tony Stark is dealing with PTSD effects of the battle.
  8. Thor: The Dark World— The second of the Thor movies, with a disappointing serious and boring tone, came only one year after The Avengers.
  9. Captain America: Winter Soldier— After many years, old friends reunite and have to battle, with Captain America’s old fellow soldier having his mind being controlled by Nazis.
  10. Guardian’s of the Galaxy— While at first seeming distant to the MCU, the Guardians are inside of it, joining the regular cast in Infinity War. And while this story happens in a far off galaxy, it is set 26 years after Peter Quill abduction in 1988, making it set in 2014.
  11. Guardian’s of the Galaxy 2— Quickly following the story line of the first, Guardian’s of the Galaxy 2 comes directly after and continues the story of the rag-tag gang team.
  12. The Avengers: Age of Ultron— The sequel to the first Avengers, which was a little disappointing. While bringing up themes of foreign policy, the villain, Ultron, was little underdeveloped.
  13. Ant Man— Set months after Age of Ultron, Ant Man brings comedy into the superhero movie, a trend that will continue, even till today.
  14. Captain America: Civil War— In which the Avengers have their first issue on should the world control them, or should they control themselves? This is the phase where the MCU has gotten so connected, that most people don’t see this as a Captain America solo film, but another Avengers movie.
  15. Doctor Strange— The only MCU movie I haven’t seen, Doctor Strange introduces a new element to the MCU, sorcery.
  16. Spiderman: Homecoming— Focusing on the character we saw in Civic War, the MCU finally gets the rights to one of its most beloved characters, Spiderman. In this solo movie, we learn Spiderman’s background and how he got entangled with Tony Stark.
  17. Thor: Ragnarok— Following a very disappointing sequel, Thor Ragnarok was shocking to a lot of people, with its comedic tone and likable characters. Thor must return to his home planet Asgard and save it from destruction.
  18. Black Panther— And finally the latest addition to the MCU, Black Panther follows the Africa superhero we first saw in Civic War as well. Telling a story foreign to the MCU, Black Panther is a an amazing addition to the cast we will see in Avengers: Infinity War.