Firefighters killed in two Fires

Firefighters killed in two Fires

Chloe Soneson

Three firefighters died Thursday while at the scene of fires in both New York and Pennsylvania. In York, Pennsylvania 2 of the four men survived with minor injuries. New York only one from the whole unit was trapped.

In York, Pennsylvania, two firefighters were killed when a building partially collapsed while they were inside, the city major, Micheal Helfrich, said during a news conference.

On Thursday around 4  o’clock pm, Ivan Flanscha and Zach Anthony. Along with two firefighters, had been working to address hot spots whats known as Weaver Organ and Piano Building. These buildings caught fire in the process of these fireman were addressing the problem areas. While they were working the building partially collapsed and trapped them inside.

Everyone were transported to the York hospital, two firefighters were pronounced dead soon after arrival. The other two firefighters are in stable condition with non life threatening injuries.

On Thursday night, one New York Firefighter while battling a five warm fire in Harlem.

Micheal Davidson, 37,  died of injuries while fighting a fire that broke out in a cellar of a building. The building was built-in 1920, and was used earlier to film a movie.

This fire spread very quickly, forcing the firefighter to leave the building. Most of the unit was able to get out. Once they got out they realized Micheal wasn’t with them anymore. Davidson got separated from his unit, Nigro said. They went back in to and looked around for him.

After going back in to search for him he was found unconscious. Neither the EMS or hospital were able to revive him.

Having to go back in to see if one of your team members is still alive would be such a horrific moment especially if you go to see they aren’t conscious. Being a firefighter is a great job but very hard because once you enter the fire you aren’t 100% you will come out of it alive.