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    Spring Break


    With the school year coming to an end and AP tests coming up, will Spring Break be used as free time to relax and vacation or will it be used as a way to catch up and get ahead in school? Anyone would be lucky to escape the cold Cleveland weather and travel to somewhere warmer.

    Senior Attila Nagy plans on spending his Spring Break with his family and is looking forward to enjoying Easter. He will spend the majority of his time working on hardwood floors at various houses around the Cleveland area.

    Senior Camryn Cole has never gone anywhere for Spring Break because of his dedication to Lakewood baseball. He claims this break is “perfect for the team to work hard and get things rolling into conference play.” He looks forward to having a whole week of practice and games without worrying about school work.

    Senior Meara Mahoney will be traveling this Spring Break. She is excited to be going on the school’s Galapagos Islands trip. Meara is looking forward to seeing the exotic wildlife.

    Senior Bella Smith will be relaxing on the beach this Spring Break. She is all packed for her family trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

    Senior Seta Nagbe will be staying close to home this Spring Break. She’s ready for a full week of track practice and excited for the team’s first meet Wednesday, April 4th. She may be visiting the University of Pittsburgh as well.

    Whether you are staying in Lakewood, or going on vacation, Spring Break is the perfect time to recuperate and prepare for the end of the year.


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