Family Dies From Inhaling Toxic Gas

Family Dies From Inhaling Toxic Gas

Maddi Tobey

A family from Iowa died while on a vacation . The body of the couple and their two children, seven and twelve years old, were discovered at a rental condominium in Tulum Mexico. The cause of death was found to be suffocation due to toxic gas inhalation.

The Sharp family was assumed to have been dead for 36 to 48 hours prior to being found on March 16. Investigators discovered a gas leak from the hot water boiler, thought to be a result of poor maintenance. The authorities are waiting for the conclusive autopsy report to find what gas killed the family.

There were no signs of foul play or suicide, according to authorities. They also have ruled out robbery, as there were no signs of a disturbance. Crews and Firefighters performed an inspection of the apartment, including the gas stove. A full report is expected to be released at a later date.

The Sharps were not reported missing by their extended family for almost a week. They were supposed to return from their trip the following Wednesday. When they did not come home, the extended family waited a till Thursday night to file a report. The last contact they had with the family was a Snapchat from one of the children on the day of their death.

Bob Harris, a family friend, claimed the sharp family was very close. “Everything they did, they did as a family,” Harris said. “His family was involved — his son was working on the race car with him, cheering him on. Here in Iowa racing is a big family; we try to promote it as a family sport and (the Sharps) lived it.”

It is truly a tragedy that this family lost their life while trying to enjoy vacation together.