Barrio- Of Top Restaurants in Lakewood

Barrio- Of Top Restaurants in Lakewood

Emily Ruebsteck

Lakewood is home to many diverse restaurants, ranging from traditional greasy american food to Indian cuisine. With Lakewood’s population at a rising 50,279 people in 2016, the city accommodates all areas with various restaurants, fast food chains, and bars.

According to, Barrio is ranked #6 on a list of the top ten restaurants in Lakewood. Located on the east end of Lakewood, Barrio is a huge staple restaurant of the area. With prices at $3 a taco, it’s an affordable place to eat. Plus, you can build your own!

Although it is thought that tacos are primarily beef, lettuce and tomatoes, Barrio has a very diverse menu. Ranging from spicy meat to Thai chili tofu, there is options for everyone. The menu offers options for vegetarians, vegans and people who eat gluten-free!

When ordering the build your own tacos, you receive a card that you pencil in your order. The sections of the menu are tortilla, protein, cheese, toppings, salsa and sauces. When ordering you get one thing from each section for free, and if you add anything else, it is a one dollar fee. Theres a small section of sides on the very bottom of the menu card.

When I go, my favorite thing to order is the Green Goddess. This includes a soft flour tortilla, a hard corn tortilla, Barrio’s own queso, and guacamole. There is a $1 up charge fee for this option, but it’s so worth it. From there, I move down to the protein section and I add black beans and the cilantro lime rice. Then I continue down to cheese, where I normally skip adding cheese because of the added queso to the Green Goddess. Next, is toppings. Everyone’s favorite part! I personally add lettuce and tomatoes, and that concludes my order.

Overall, my rating for Barrio is an 9/10. My reason for not giving it a 10/10 is because for me, the environment is a little too crowded. But if we’re talking about the food, Barrio easily receives a 10/10.