Genetic Report Cards

Genetic Report Cards

Nina Zanghi

Have you ever wanted to know what is in store for you later in life? What diseases you could have, how your intelligence will be? Well now you can. The amount of access and knowledge about genetics has allowed for the more in-depth analysis of what diseases every single person would have a chance of getting.

Although doctors have already been using people’s genes to find deadly mutations, but that was only in individual genes. Now, by the work of Amit Khera, these calculations would involve thousands of genes. These calculations are applied to the millions and millions of genes the researchers have at their fingertips. Such a large amount is what makes it easier to see the pattern of genetic variants that can lead to different diseases. This enables doctors to calculate the risk of many deadly diseases by analyzing individuals’ genes.

The goal of Khera is to create a type of genetic report card. You would receive this report card at a young age, and it would say your probability of getting a number of serious diseases. This information can help everyone help prepare for their future, and be on the look out for signs of their most probable disease.

Genetic report cards are the future of medicine. It allows for people to know what is coming, and to be as preventative as possible against these diseases. Hopefully in a couple of years, everyone will have access to this knowledge from the report cards, and maybe save their life.