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    Man shot dead because police believed he was armed


    A black man living in Sacramento California has been shot by his city’s police force on his own property, Why? because they thought he had a gun. On March 22nd Stephon Clark was apparently trying to break into cars, witnesses have said he was using a crowbar to try to break the windows.

    Police received a distress call on Sunday after 9 p.m. saying there was a man in a black hooded jacket and sweat pants breaking into cars and later hiding in one of the other residents  backyard. He was confronted by authorities and then started to run into other people’s backyards and hopping over fences while being chased by to police men two avoid them.

    they stopped him at the front yard but then the man proceeded to head into the back, then the police told the man to stop, he then turned around slowly moving toward and apparently pointing at them with to what they had thought to be a firearm. The police have claimed they were fearing for their safety shot him twenty times tell he dropped. They immediately arrested him and began life saving efforts but he it was too late he was already dead.

    A woman came out of the house and started screaming the word murderers at the officer she had turned out to be his grandmother and he was on his own property. The mans name was Stephon Clark he was twenty-two years old and a father of two children. The alleged firearm turned out to be his phone.

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