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    Brooklyn man shot dead


    A black man from Brooklyn was shot and killed while walking down the street, because he was apparently equipped with dangerous a fire arm. On April 4 Saheed Vassell age thirty-four was walking down the street and pointing to what authorities have said seemed to be a gun.

    Around 4:40 p.m. Wednesday, police received several 911 calls reporting a black man in a brown jacket carrying a fire arm. Police later arrived and He was shot and wounded without warning and later announced dead at a hospital. The item was actually a bent pipe and he meant no harm. You might be wondering why anyone would do such a thing but police say that he was pointing the metal pipe as if it were a gun at strangers. Locals say that Vassell had mental issues, his family said he had bi polar disorder explaining why he did what he did.

    Most of the locals knew him and ignore him when he pointed the pip at them and didn’t think much of it, but there was someone who was unfamiliar with him and called 911 he reported that he seemed crazy and holding a gun. When the police came he pointed the pipe at them.  Every cop in the neighborhood knows him and that he is sick says his father but apparently different police from somewhere else reported to the distress call so they did not know him. Their body cams were off and according to locals they shot him ten times without warning.

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